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Staff in the Office of the Vice President

206 Old Main
(814) 865-0909

Vice President's Office
Position Name Email Location Phone
Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims Contact Damon 206 Old Main 814.865.0909
Interim Assistant Vice President - Student Rights & Responsibilities Danny Shaha 120 Boucke 814.863.0342
Interim Assistant Vice President - Diversity & Inclusion Peggy Lorah 204 Boucke 814.863.2027
Asst. Vice President for Housing, Food Services & Residence Life Diane Andrews 210 Housing & Food Services 814.865.5423
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Andrea Dowhower 206 Old Main 814.863.6434
Administrative Assistant Christina Pillot 206 Old Main 814.865.0909
Administrative Assistant Vacant 206 Old Main 814.865.7661
Administrative Assistant Karen Schall 206 Old Main 814.863.6434
Administrative Assistant Barbara Duncan 120 Boucke 814.863.4926

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Student Affairs Directors
Department Director Email Location Phone
Campus Recreation Laura Hall 105 White Building 814.863.1579
Career Services Robert Orndorff 253 Bank of America Career Services Center 814.865.2377
Center for Spiritual & Ethical Development Robert Smith 105 Helen Eakin Eisenhower Chapel 814.865.6548
Gender Equity Center Audra Hixson (Interim) 204 Boucke 814.863.2027
Counseling & Psychological Services Ben Locke 501 Student Health Center 814.863.0395
Development Andrea Pagano-Reyes 145 Bristol Place I 814.865.7698
Financial Office Vacant   222 Boucke 814.863.4305
Human Resources Amy English 222 Boucke 814.863.9427
Information Technology Ed McGowan 222 Boucke 814.865.6051
Student Conduct Danny Shaha 120 Boucke 814.863.0342
LGBTQA Student Resource Center Brian Patchcoski 101 Boucke 814.863.1248
Paul Robeson Cultural Center Carlos Wiley 21 HUB-Robeson Center 814.865.1779
Penn State Parents Program Cyndy Hill 222 Boucke 814.863.1313
Research and Assessment Adam Christensen 120 Boucke 814.863.1809
Residence Life Mark Rameker 201 Johnston Commons 814.863.1710
Student Care & Advocacy Anna Barone 120 Boucke 814.863.4926
Student Legal Services Kelly Mroz 248 East Calder Way, Suite 303 814.863.6469
Title IX Office Vacant 222 Boucke 814.867.0099
Union and Student Activities Mary Edgington 237A HUB-Robeson Center 814.863.9755
University Health Services Robin Oliver-Veronesi 501 Student Health Center 814.865.6555

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Student Affairs Emeritus Staff
Position Name Email Location
Associate Vice President Emeritus Craig Millar 213 Boucke
Senior Director Emeritus Mel Klein 213 Boucke
Vice President Emeritus William Asbury 213 Boucke
Senior Director Career Services Emeritus Jack Rayman 213 Boucke

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