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Student Involvement Opportunities in Peer Education

The Center for Women Students (CWS) advises 2 peer education organizations. Men Against Violence (MAV) and Peers Helping Reaffirm, Educate, and Empower (PHREE) provide educational programming, as well as collaborate with other student groups on campus to inform others about gender violence, sexual assault, and relationship violence. CWS staff members, as well as members of these 2 student organizations, are available to facilitate presentations for classes, staff meetings, or other events by request.

If you would like to get involved with the Center for Women Students, stop by our office or attend the next meeting for one of the groups below.

Men Against Violence

Mission Statement: Men Against Violence (MAV) is a group of Penn State men who seek to oppose interpersonal violence in all of its manifestations and to promote healthy masculinity.

Contact MAV:

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Links to MAV Resources:

Men Can Stop Rape
Jackson Katz, a leading anti-sexism male activist
The White Ribbon Campaign

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Peers Helping Reaffirm, Educate, and Empower (PHREE)

Peers Helping Reaffirm, Educate and Empower (PHREE) utilizes a peer-based approach to educate and promote awareness about some of the most critical issues facing college students today. As members of PHREE, women come together to talk and share experiences, while learning the valuable skills needed to be peer educators in the campus community. As a diverse group, PHREE students also work to collaborate, support one other, and most importantly, to have fun with others who share similar interests.

PHREE members are responsible for facilitating educational programs and participating in other types of campus activities to raise awareness about issues such as sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, healthy relationships, and body image. Specific examples of events are: Love Your Body Day, Turn Beauty Inside Out, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month tabling. For more information about becoming a member, or to learn more about any of our activities, please stop by the Center for Women Students, or email PennStatePHREE@psu.edu.

Contact PHREE:

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