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Virtual Education Career Day Training and Support

Education Career Day may look different this year but the same quality talent you've always known is waiting for you virtually.

  • Registration Support
    Connect with the Education Career Day team at to adjust your registration.

  • Technical Support
    Brazen provides recruiter support prior to and during the fair. Review training before the event and email with additional questions or issues.

  • Representative Guide
    Access a database of articles, tips, and guidelines prior to the fair.

Recruiter Training Webinars

Brazen Careers provides recruiter training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sign up for weekly training to walk through participating, ask questions, and feel ready to conquer Education Career Day.

Before the Event

Register and Review Materials

Check your Tech

Making sure that your devices and connections are working with the Brazen platform is key to success at Education Career Day.

  • Run a device compatibility check
    Make sure the device you're planning to use is ready to work with Brazen. Click here to run a compatibility check.

    • Use Google Chrome for the best results

  • Using video? Send your service check results.
    If you are a representative in an upcoming event and will be using video, please send the TokBox service check results to your Brazen Account Manager before your event takes place. Your account manager will be assigned when your booth is available and an instruction email is sent.

  • Review the Pre-Event Troubleshooting Info
    Access an online FAQ that helps you navigate tech issues prior to the start of the fair.

During the Event

Troubleshooting Issues

If you encounter technical issues during your event, please reach out to In your request for support, be sure to include the service check results from the links below.

Pro Tips to Remember

  • Chat with up to three candidates at once
    Brazen allows you to chat with multiple candidates to maximize your time. Learn how you can make this work for you.

  • Download resumes of candidates
    Make sure to download resumes of candidates that enter your booth before the fair is over. This allows you to review and contact students after the fact with ease.

Participating in a Virtual Fair

You've got the opportunities to offer and they have the skills you need. Learn how to use Brazen to connect with candidates.