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Education Career Day 2021

Virtual Career Fair
Monday, April 5
11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST

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Education Career Day has gone virtual and will require students to register in Brazen to attend. Although not required before the live event, it is recommended that students register in Brazen before the event to maximize the amount of time they have available during the live event.

  • You must use your Penn State log-on information
    Choose the 'Sign up with Penn State' button on the registration page to use your existing credentials and single sign-on

    • Gmail doesn't count
      Even if your Penn State email is linked to a Gmail account that doesn't count as your Penn State credentials. Make sure you use your official email address.

  • Already used Brazen? Update your info
    Update your email address to your Penn State account or Friends of Penn State account and log-on using those credentials for the fair.

  • Need a Penn State account as an alumnus or guest?
    Create a Friends of Penn State account before the event and use that to register.

  • Complete the registration process 
    Once you sign up with your Penn State access information you'll need to complete the registration form.

Ready to register?

Find your classroom, find your future. Register now to get your Brazen profile ready before the fair.

Education Career Day
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Education Career Day is a chance to connect with schools and organizations that need difference-makers like you.

Maximize your time at the fair by researching in advance. Determine which organizations are coming, what positions they are recruiting for, and which might be a good fit for your career goals.

Why research organizations in advance?

Maximize your time and effort.

Schools and organizations from across the country will be attending Education Career Day. Researching in advance can help you make the most of your time online.

  • Find organizations and schools looking for your talents
    Use the job category search field to narrow which subjects organizations are looking for. Not every organization is looking for the same type of candidate.

  • Stand out from the crowd
    Research the organization before talking to them. Being able to provide knowledge about the school mission, openings, or teaching philosophies shows your enthusiasm and professionalism.

Why attend when I can just apply online?

Attending "in person" online is incredibly important in building rapport with a potential employer. 

Most companies will ask you to apply online after you've met with them at Education Career Day or provide a direct link after chatting with you.

This is normal. Organizations track applicants to keep materials and contact information organized throughout the process. Use the face time at Education Career Day to make an impression.

  • Talk about your experience
    Explain how you can contribute to the organization beyond the facts on your resumé.

  • Put a face to a name
    It's easier to remember who you are when a recruiter has actually interacted with you rather than just read your credentials online.

  • Show your enthusiasm
    Research a company in advance so that you can share why are you interested and how your experience aligns with their opportunities and mission.

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