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Penn State has asked Fall 2021 event planners to reduce the risk of COVID contact for event participants by using digital programs and handouts whenever possible. 

  • Please limit the number the of items you ship and/or bring to Fall Career Days 2021, including no or few giveaways. 

  • We request that items you bring to the Bryce Jordan Center are carried to your booth by you and your colleagues. 

Shipping Materials In

Please ship your materials to the address below so they arrive between September 9 - September 16. Shipments outside of this date range will be refused.

  • Consider shipping to your hotel in advance. 
  • All packages sent directly to the event venue will be refused and returned. 

Address all shipped items to:

Fall Career Days 2021
[Company Name]
General Stores, 167 Physical Plant
[Booth Number(s)]
University Park, PA 16802

Shipping Materials Out

Planning to ship materials out after the event? Please review the following guidelines:

  • UPS and FedEx representatives will be available no earlier than 4:15 p.m.

  • FedEx Ground is NOT ACCEPTED at Fall Career Days.

  • A company representative MUST remain with the items and hand them directly to the carrier.

Shipping Guidelines

  • At all times the Organization is responsible for its own property.

  • The Organization is required to remove all property from the venue by 6:00 p.m.

  • The Organization is responsible to deliver their outgoing shipment directly to the carrier and may not leave any of its property unattended at the conclusion of the fair. The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) shall have no responsibility for any property of the Organization and the Organization agrees to release and hold harmless PSU for any such damage or loss of property. Any property left in venue after above specified time shall be disposed of by the cleaning crew.

Shipping with Independent Carriers? Bringing a vehicle?
Utilizing independent carriers or bringing a vehicle to Fall Career Days requires strict adherence to specific terms and conditions.
Click here to learn more.
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