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Face-to-Face Recruiting

Fall Career Days is offering a hybrid format to safely and effectively provide students, alumni, and recruiters the opportunity to connect.

  • Tuesday, September 21
    IN-PERSON Full-Time Recruitment
    11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST
    Bryce Jordan Center, University Park

    • Organizations attending this day will only be looking to fill full-time positions. If you are not graduating this academic year you should only attend a virtual event day.

Approaching Recruiters

Career fairs are unique in that you have a limited time to pitch your skills to an employer. Be prepared before attending so that you can display confidence.

Use your pitch

Be confident in what to say.

Use the elevator pitch you developed before the fair when you approach recruiters.

Confidence is key

You've got this.

Avoid the nerves and embrace your confidence. You have the education and skills necessary to be successful - let them speak for themselves. 

  • Offer a firm handshake
    Approach the recruiter with your resume in one hand; shake their hand with the other. Offer your resumé, then start your pitch while they review your materials to get the conversation moving.

  • Make natural eye contact
    Keep the focus on the recruiter and look them in the eye. It shows confidence and a professional attitude.

  • Be enthusiastic and polished
    Don't be afraid to show your enthusiasm in the position. Be yourself and smile, stand tall, and sell the recruiter on your qualifications with great body language.

  • Ask to continue the conversation
    Ask for the recruiter's name and contact information. Reach out after the conversation via LinkedIn or send a polite email thanking them for meeting with you. Don't forget to send along any materials that they may request of you. 


Get in the zone.

There are a ton of distracting noises and movements at the Bryce Jordan Center during Fall Career Days. Keep the focus on the recruiter and your conversation.

  • Speak up
    It is LOUD in the Bryce Jordan Center. Speak up so the recruiter can clearly hear you.

  • Turn off devices
    Don't be that candidate. Turn off your phones and devices so that you can focus on the recruiter and show your interest.

  • Take notes before and after
    Think about your experience and interests and how they apply to the company. Did the research you conducted in a class relate to what the company is working on? Was your internship focused in a similar industry? How did your summer job contribute to your development of the qualities they list in their mission statement?

    Write down details about your conversation immediately after so that you don't forget. Reference these at later networking events or in a thank you note. Did they mention an exciting new project at work or a shared interest? Use these details to be more memorable.

Ask questions

Keep the conversation moving.

Do not rely on the recruiter to keep the conversation moving along. Prepare some questions in advance so you can show interest and avoid any awkward silences.

  • What are common career paths within your organization?
  • What does the training program for new hires look like?
  • What experience and education do you look for in ideal candidates?
  • What types of experiences do interns usually have at your firm?
“ Don’t be shy. Talk to anyone and everyone you want to, no matter how nervous you might be. Just remember to act professional and confident. The more you put yourself and your name out there by talking to various people from different companies, the more confident and comfortable you’ll get. ”
Sarah, Junior

Navigating Fall Career Days

The Bryce Jordan Center is a large venue that fills with thousands of students and recruiters during FCD. Understanding how to get around before the fair removes the stress and helps you maximize your time.

Schedule of Events

Career Fair Dates

  • Tuesday, September 21
    IN-PERSON Full-Time Recruitment
    11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST
    Bryce Jordan Center, University Park

  • Wednesday, September 22
    VIRTUAL Full-Time, Internship and Co-op Recruitment
    11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST

  • Thursday, September 23
    VIRTUAL Internship and Co-op Recruitment
    11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST

Know where to go
  • Students must check-in upon arrival in one of two areas:

    • GATE A
      Corner of Bigler andUniversity

    • GATE B
      Corner nearest the All-Sports Museum

  • Bring your student ID to enter the fair.
    Students do not need to pre-register. 

  • View a map of the Bryce Jordan Center

  • All employers attending Fall Career Days are located in one distinct area:

    • Arena Floor (LEVEL ONE)

    • Concourse (LEVEL THREE) is where you enter the Bryce Jordan Center

Bag and Backpack Policy


In accordance with new University policy surrounding events, particularly those at sporting event facilities, bags of any kind—including backpacks, purses, and clutches—will no longer be allowed at the Bryce Jordan Center.  Fall Career Days staff strongly discourage students from bringing any bags to the event.

  • Students who bring bags with them will be subjected to a lengthy security check at the entrance to the BJC.  BJC security staff reserve the right to reject bags if they have any concerns.  Approved bags will be tagged and students must keep the bags with them at all times during the event.  A coat and umbrella check will still be available, if needed; however, to speed their access into the event, students should not bring these items unless they are necessary. 

  • Disposable bags will be provided at check-in for materials that students may gather from employers during the event. 

  • Students may bring a portfolio containing copies of their résumés, note paper, their Penn State student ID card, and a pen; a jump drive with an electronic version of their résumé is also recommended.

  • In alignment with Penn State’s recommendation to minimize handouts at fall in-person events, we encourage students to bring digital copies of their resume that they can make accessible to employers during conversations at the BJC.  

  • We strongly discourage students from bringing laptops or tablet computers to Fall Career Days. These items cannot be checked with coats and umbrellas and must be carried with students at all times during the event. There is no coat check.

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