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Technology Requirements

Virtual Fall Career Days will be hosted on the online platform Brazen. Make sure to review what requirements are needed for a stress-free experience with your device.

  • A compatible device
    Test your technology and make sure that it is compatible with the event platform.

  1. Run this quick Brazen test    

  2. Run this 30-second Vonage test
    Vonage powers Brazen's video and audio chats

  • Strong internet connection
    Make sure to do a trial run where from where you'll actually be participating.

    • PRO TIP:
      Brazen has a Live Chat (video) feature that employers can opt to use. Do a test call on Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime to make sure your chosen location can handle video calls without interference. 

  • Google Chrome
    It's what works best with the Brazen platform.