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What to Expect at Fall Education Career Day

Be prepared for the career fair experience by understanding what you will experience

  • Lines
    Popular organizations will often have lines. Be patient and wait or choose to return later.
  • Cancellations
    Check the addendum at Student Registration for updated cancellations or additions.
  • Lunch
    The fair and interviews run the length of the day. Lunch is not provided for students so prepare and pack or visit one of the Penn Stater's eateries on your own.
  • Available Help
    Need some help at the fair? Look for Career Services staff in blue polos to ask questions.

Meeting Recruiters

Organizations from across the country send recruiters to meet with candidates. Be confident in approaching a representative.

  • Do your research. Find organizations you are interested in, learn about open positions, and the organization's mission.
  • Ask for contact information. Show your initiative and ask for business cards so that you can follow up after the fair. Career Services cannot provide this information to you.
  • 'Apply Online' is not a brush off. Organizations need to keep track of who applies so take the next step of the recruiting process.

Interviewing at Fall Education Career Day

Organizations can elect to interview candidates during Fall Education Career Day.

When scheduling interviews, be mindful that recruiters can run behind schedule. If possible, avoid scheduling too many interviews back-to-back.

  • Schools may opt to interview later or can be interviewing candidates for a later hire date.
  • Interviews take place throughout the day. Make sure to ask the organization their interview location.
  • Check in for your interview at Interview Registration. This helps us track your schedule and alert recruiters if you are in another interview.
  • Recruiters can get behind schedule. Check in at Interview Registration for updates but be patient when waiting.