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Research, Research, Research

Use the database of attending schools to filter based on programs and what day(s) they may be attending. Some schools attend multiple days while others may just be on campus or virtual for one. Check back often as schools continue to register up until the event

Prepare for Grad Week

If you're considering continuing your education after undergrad it's key to do your research. This fair is a great opportunity to meet with schools from across the country, learn about programs, requirements, and start to understand the next steps.

Research and Ask Questions

Make the most of Grad Week and come prepared with questions for the programs and schools that interest you. Build a list of top programs you want to visit and a list of questions, such as:

  • What is the institutional culture like? Does this fit your needs or goals?
  • What makes you a competitive applicant at each institution?
  • How does the admissions and funding process work?