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Before you Register

Graduate & Professional School Week is a hybrid event with both in-person and virtual recruitment days. 

  • Students attending the in-person days at the HUB do not need to pre-register

  • Recruiters are able to use Brazen’s new “Search and Invite” functionality to invite students to their booths prior to the event. 

    • This will enable the recruiters to invite students to chat in their booths. It’s important that you register as early as possible to benefit from this functionality.

  • Students attending the virtual day are highly encouraged to pre-register to attend.

    • Although not required, it is recommended that students register before the event to maximize the amount of time they have available during it. 

Create your Brazen Account

Career Services is using Brazen, an online career fair platform. An account will automatically be created for you when you register or you can access an existing account.

Creating an Account

Creating an Account

  • You must use your Penn State log-on information
    Choose the 'Sign up with Penn State' button on the registration page to use your existing credentials and single sign-on

    • Gmail doesn't count
      Even if your Penn State email is linked to a Gmail account that doesn't count as your Penn State credentials. Make sure you use your official email address.

  • Need a Penn State account as an alumnus or guest?
    Create a Friends of Penn State account before the event and use that to register.

  • Complete the registration process 
    Once you sign up with your Penn State access information you'll need to complete the registration form.

Using an Existing Brazen Account

Using an Existing Brazen Account

  • Already used Brazen?
    If you've used Brazen for a recent career fair use the same log-in credentials to register. Make sure to update your resumé and other details as needed.
  • Update your info if needed
    Update your email address to your Penn State account or Friends of Penn State account and log-on using those credentials for the fair.

Register for Virtual Graduate & Professional School Day

You must register to attend the all programs day with your Penn State email address.