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Attending a Virtual Fair: The Basics

Virtual Graduate & Professional School Week will be hosted on the online platform Brazen. Make sure to understand the key elements of joining an online career event in advance.

Connecting with School Reps

Graduate & Professional School Week is offering a virtual day with Brazen, an online platform that will let you wait in line, share your resume, and connect with a representative via chat, phone, or video.

Prepare Before the Event

Get ready, get set...

Graduate and Professional School Week is a great opportunity to connect with schools and institutions from across the country. Be efficient and maximize your time by researching programs in advance.

  • Register in advance
    Use the 'Register & Create an Account' link above to sign up to attend. You should complete the registration form and your profile. 

  • Make a top list of schools or programs
    Virtual lines can be long and limited time means you need to be efficient and target schools you are most interested in.

    • You can wait in multiple lines at once, but if you wait in too many, you may not end up having the time to talk with everyone.

    • The virtual platform does not have filters so researching in advance is key to knowing who you want to chat with.

  • Visit program websites and social media platforms
    Do some additional research on the institution. Show your interest by looking at their mission statement, goals, or student population data.

  • Write down questions
    Keep a list of questions you can ask during the event or in a follow-up conversation. 

Attending All Programs Day

...GO! Maximize time and get in line

  • Authenticate and log-in to the event
    You will use your Penn State access account credentials to log-in to the event. If you haven't beforehand, make sure to upload your resume to your profile

  • Set your status to 'AVAILABLE'
    Change your availability to start chatting. You will not be able to enter a booth or connect with a recruiter without this setting being turned on.

  • Get in line and chat away
    Once you're "available" you can get in line at a school's booth. There may be multiple booths for each school but you should see clear recruiting themes.

    When you're ready to connect get started by clicking the green chat button and wait for your turn. There will be a "DING" to indicate when your chat begins. Chats are timed so keep an eye on the clock.

    You can wait in multiple virtual lines at once by setting your status to "AWAY". If you're in a chat with a recruiter you won't lose your place in other lines so don't stress.

    • PRO TIP:
      Can't stay and chat with a recruiter? Learn how to leave a note to connect later.

  • Have something to take notes with
    Write down your questions and notes about the school in advance so you have them for reference. Do this in advance or have pen and paper handy. Typing while talking to a recruiter is distracting for both of you.

    After each interaction, take notes so you don't forget the details. Did the recruiter mention the next steps for applying? If you scheduled an interview, when is it? Be sure to note these important details.
  • Make sure to get contact information for thank you notes and following-up.
    Mentioning specific details from a conversation at the event will make you stand out from other candidates. Be sure to note these important details so you can reference them in an interview or thank you note. This is incredibly important virtually since you're limited to following up digitally rather than in person.