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Fees and Limitations

Basic CAPS services are provided at no charge to undergraduate and graduate students registered full time (12 credits or more for undergraduates, 6 credits or more for graduates) for the semester in which they are interested in seeking our services. Selected services, including first appointments and group therapy, are available to part-time students free of charge. There is a limit to the number of individual counseling sessions for any student in any given year. Fees for certain specialty services may be assessed.


When it comes to protecting your information, CAPS follows all professional standards and state and federal laws. Information shared with the therapist is held in the strictest confidence consistent with professional and ethical standards and state and federal law. Therapists will not release information without the client's signed consent except in rare instances where sharing is required by law (such as to save a human life, to report child sexual abuse, or to comply with a court order). You can read more about our commitment to privacy in our Notice of Privacy Practices.

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