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Visit Student Affairs department pages for services and information about remote and in-person operations. Our COVID-19 Support page provides vital student information including COVID testing resources, conduct policies, quarantine and isolation guidance, and more.


Reporting Positive Test Results to the University

Upload a third-party positive COVID-19 test result to the University 

If you received a positive test result from a third-party vendor not affiliated with the University (for example, urgent care clinic or primary care physician), you can notify the University of your result by submitting your test result through myUHS

To upload your positive COVID test result: 

  1. Visit myUHS and log in using your Penn State credentials.  
  2. Select “I would like to report to University Health Services the result of a COVID-19 test.”  
  3. Initiate a secure message and attach your result as an image file (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif).  

Once you submit your test result, you will receive a secure email from myUHS to your Penn State email address directing you to log in to myUHS to review your messages, which will let you know if your result was accepted or alert you to any further action you need to take.

If you received a positive result from a test administered by Penn State (for example, University Health Services, Commonwealth Campus Nurse, Penn State departure testing, on-campus testing through Vault Health) your result is on record with the University and you do NOT need to submit it through myUHS.

Please note: We are not accepting negative test results. Please only submit positive results through myUHS. 

Submitting positive results for pre-arrival test exemption

Students from all campuses are required to participate in COVID-19 testing and have a negative COVID test result on file prior to their return to their campus community. Students who have a positive test on file with the University between November 18, 2020, and February 3, 2021 do NOT need to complete this testing. 

If you are submitting a positive test result for pre-arrival test exemption follow the steps above. You can expect your status to be updated in 3 business days from when you submit your results if no further action is required on your part. You can check your status in the Know Your Status Portal.  

For the University to accept a positive test result from a third party and exempt a student from pre-arrival testing, the test result must meet the following criteria:  

  • The test result image must be legible  
  • The test result must be in an image format (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif) 
  • The result must include: Patient name, patient date of birth, type of test performed, provider name, collection date, result date, and result 
  • The result must be positive 
  • The result must be from a PCR or nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT); rapid antigen tests and antibody tests will not be accepted
  • The test must have been performed by a third-party vendor (for example, urgent care facility or primary care physician)
  • The test must have been performed between November 18, 2020, and February 3, 2021 

Please note: Test results must be submitted through myUHS. Emailed test results will not be accepted. 

Referral Forms for Contact Tracing

To limit community spread and transmission of COVID-19, Penn State’s contact tracing process includes online COVID-19 referral forms to easily submit information about students who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who identify themselves as close contacts of students who have tested positive. You can also call Penn State Contact Tracing at 814-863-8800. 

The goal of the information gathering is to help focus on identifying, notifying, and monitoring students who have come in close contact with a student who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 while they were infectious.

  • These forms are not meant to report COVID-19 conduct violations, which can be reported through the Office of Student Conduct
  • These forms cannot be used for pre-arrival test exemption. Please submit test results through myUHS for pre-arrival. 

Contact Tracing FAQs

Does HIPPA prohibit Penn State from using and/or sharing my information during the contact tracing process?

In limited circumstances, HIPAA allows for the sharing of certain health information for the purposes of public health. Controlling the spread of COVID-19 through contact tracing and protecting the Penn State community is considered a public health activity. However, Penn State's contact tracing initiatives follow the "minimum necessary" principle, which means that, wherever possible, identifiable information is not shared. 

What happens if I am identified as a close contact through the contact tracing process?

Since COVID-19 symptoms typically develop between 2 to 14 days after exposure, students and employees who have been identified as a close contact during the University’s contact tracing process and/or believe they have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19 must quarantine for 14 days from their last contact with the individual, in accordance with the CDC guidelines. Individuals cannot test out of quarantine.

Students living on campus will quarantine in space identified on or near their campus. Case managers will evaluate quarantine needs for students living off campus, including commuter students, as part of the contact tracing process. Student Support Services will work with students who need to quarantine to develop a way to do so effectively.

How will I be contacted if I am identified during the contact tracing process?

Learn more about how you will be contacted on Penn State's virus info website