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Social Events & Late Night Policies

Program Registration Process

All late night and social events taking place in the HUB-Robeson Center are required to complete the program registration process.  The registration form should be completed at the time of venue reservation online at

If there is an admission charge for a recognized student organization sponsored event that is being held on campus, then tickets are required and must be printed by HUB Marketing Services in 209 HUB-Robeson Center, There is no cost to student organizations for the tickets. Ticket proofs will be sent within 2 business days of a ticket request and then printed within 2 business days after the proof is approved by the recognized student organization.

A ticket accountability form must be completed in the Associated Student Activities (ASA) office in 240 HUB-Robeson Center after the tickets are printed and prior to the selling of tickets. All money collected from ticket sales and remaining tickets must be returned to ASA immediately following the event. If multiple deposits are being made, students should let the ASA staff know they have a ticket accountability form on file so the deposits will account for the appropriate impact fees.  

At the conclusion of an event that takes place after hours, funds must be deposited into the ASA drop box, outside of office 240 HUB Robeson Center, using a fully executed deposit bag.  Deposit bags may be picked up at the ASA office during regular business hours.  On the following business day after the event, a representative must report to the ASA office, with the deposit bag receipt and all un-sold tickets, to complete the deposit process.

Pre-Event Meetings

A pre-event meeting will be required and must be scheduled a minimum of 10 academic days prior to the date of the event.  This meeting will include the primary recognized student organization representatives, the student organization advisor(s), the appropriate facility staff of the venue being used, and a representative from the police department. At this meeting the following will be discussed:

  • The program type and details of the program
  • The complete policy confirmation (including all security requirements)
  • The number of student organization members needed to serve as event staff
  • The contact information for both the student organization and the facility manager to contact on the day of the event in case of emergencies
  • The decision about the designated cut off time for PSU student priority entrance and guest admission
  • Expectations/consequences

Students will sign the policy requirements form agreeing to adhere to the stated expectations for the group prior to, during, and after the event.

Event Team Meeting

Thirty (30) minutes prior to doors opening, a team meeting of all those working the event will be held.  Included in this meeting will be all student organization members working the event, the organization advisor(s), all uniformed and auxiliary officers working the event, and all facility staff working the event. Review of facility lay-out, crowd control protocol, crowd behavior protocol, and event staff placement/roles/duties will be covered.

Organization Representatives & Event Staffing

Both the advisor(s) and all students working the event, as established at the pre-event meeting, must be present throughout the duration of the event, including set-up and tear down of the event.  An “Advisor” can be defined as the official organization advisor or a designated advisor (faculty/staff/grad assistant). The person must be willing to participate throughout the entire process including pre-event meeting, event day, and any post event meetings.


Uniformed officers and auxiliary officers will be required from one half hour prior to doors opening to at least one half hour after the event.  For Heritage Hall events, two Penn State Officers and two Auxiliary Officers will be required.  For Alumni Hall events, four Penn State Officers and four Auxiliary Officers will be required.  Exceptions will be made at the discretion of University Police Services and in conjunction with HUB-Robeson Center staff.

Perimeter Structures

A Perimeter Structure will be established that will allow a larger roped off event area (inclusive of bathrooms) and an entrance that is away from the doors of each venue.  There will be two perimeter levels for events depending on size of audience (large perimeter and small perimeter). A diagram is available for view for both Heritage Hall and Alumni Hall.

Event Entry & Re-Entry

Admission to the event will be paid at a table outside of the perimeter structure and a ticket or a wristband ticket will be issued for the event.

If tickets are sold, the ticket will be exchanged for a wristband and the wristband will serve as entrance to the event.  If wristband tickets are sold, the wristband must be secured to the purchaser’s arm at the time of purchase.  Only a certain number of tickets and/or wristbands will be sold based on setup in the venue and fire code regulations.  When a student/guest exits the event, the wristband will be removed and there will be no re-entry unless another ticket and/or wristband ticket is purchased and only if the event is not sold out.

PSU Students will be required to show a valid student ID and are given priority to all campus events. In their communication with bands/entertainers student programmers should make explicit the PSU student priority for entrance at PSU events.  A verbal request should be made for entertainers to include this statement in the publicity that they distribute themselves.

There will be no re-entry for special events (i.e. Homecoming, Blue & White Weekend, etc.).  Re-entry will be available for regular weekends if agreed upon at pre-event meeting.

All publicity distributed by student organizations should state policies on IDs, guest policies, etc.

Student Guests

A Penn State student may be accompanied by one (1) guest.  All guests will be required to show a valid ID and sign their name to a guest list.  A ticket and/or wristband ticket will also be distributed to a guest and the same entrance and exit policies apply. 

There will be a separate guest line to allow the quick entrance/processing of PSU students and to assist with order at the entrance of each event. 

University student sign in:  Penn State students must accompany their guest at all times and must sign their guest in with their name as a host.  The guest list must be kept on file for two (2) weeks after the event with the facility manager.


No beverages will be allowed inside the designated event perimeter. Water fountains are available within the event perimeters.

If alcohol is seen and/or confiscated by the uniformed officers or any member of the event team, the decision to shut down an event or how to handle problems should they arise will be handled collectively by the event team. If any alcohol is confiscated by the sponsoring organization, it must be turned over to the officers at the time of confiscation.


Behavior expectations, ID and guest requirements, and entrance policies will be posted at all events outside the venue doors in a highly visible area.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for the behavior of all attendees and guests and adhering to these policies.  Consequences of any breach to this agreement may include cancellation of future events, loss of reservation privileges, financial repayment of damages, and referral to the relevant university judicial body.

A post event meeting by the entire event team will occur if deemed necessary by any member of the event team (students, staff, police).

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