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Penn State Affiliation (check all that apply)
Has your group requested a CAPS program in the past?
If steps have not yet been taken, please offer Life Hack Kits, Virtual Library videos, Red Folder Toolkit, and other Wellness Resources at CAPS and Health Promotion & Wellness before continuing with this form.
A list of recommended resources is available on the Community Education & Outreach website and the Red Folder Campus Resources website.
Must be at least three weeks in the future for programs and one week for media interviews.
In-person programs must be at least 30 minutes.
If in person is requested, is Zoom a possible back-up option, if required?
If your request involves an interview-style format, include the 5 items for Media Interview Inquiries here. 

Information message

By clicking “Submit” I am acknowledging that I understand the CAPS outreach and interview guidelines and have completed all steps related to making this request.