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Information for Domestic Graduate, Law, and Professional Students (Without Assistantship or Fellowship)


The Penn State Student Health Insurance plan (SHIP) is available to:

  • All graduate and law students enrolled in (1) or more credit hours
  • Students who meet eligibility requirements for the Penn State SHIP must actively attend classes for at least the first thirty one days after the date when coverage becomes effective.

SHIP is not available to:

  • Graduate students enrolled in independent study through correspondence classes
  • Graduate students enrolled in home study, correspondence, and television courses
  • Individuals not currently enrolled at Penn State who are auditing courses
  • World Campus students

*Please note: a change in student registration status that no longer meets the criteria listed above may result in termination of student health insurance benefits. Enrollment will be audited to ensure that eligibility is met.

How to Enroll

Eligible graduate, law, and professional students without assistantship or fellowship can enroll for health care coverage with the Penn State SHIP by visiting the First Student website.

Rates and Enrollment Deadlines

Graduate Insurance Enrollment/Waive Deadlines

Coverage Period Fall 2017 Spring 2018
Summer 2018
(Session 1)
Summer 2018
(Session 2)
Enroll/Waive Deadline September 5, 2017 January 17, 2018 May 21, 2018 July 5, 2018

Rates for 2017-18 (Individual Plan)
Annual - $3,418.00
Fall - $1,352.00
Spring - $2,066.00
Annual Coverage breaks down to approximately $284.84 per month

Rates for 2018-19 (Individual Plan)
Annual - $3,663.00

International Students

International students and any accompanying dependents are required to submit proof of health insurance coverage that meets a set of requirements or purchase the Penn State SHIP. More information about specific requirements for international students, enrollment deadlines, and instructions for how to submit proof of insurance can be accessed by visiting Student Health Insurance Information for International Students.

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