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What is COVID-19 Student Support Services?

Student Support Services provides assistance and support to all Penn State students who have been placed in isolation due to COVID-19. The Case Managers work to assist students with faculty notification, access to resources, and general support resources during their time isolation.

What can a student expect?

After Contact Tracing notifies a student of their isolation, Student Support Services will contact the student via an introduction email with information and resources. In addition, Student Support Services will: 

  • Notify faculty to inform that the student is not permitted to attend class until they are released from isolation
  • Reach out to the student via phone to check in, review expectations, and provide resources

How can I contact Student Support Services?

Phone: 814-867-4300

Resources for students by campus


Abington Housing/Residence Life
215-881-7880 | 

Abington Campus Nurse/Health Center
Michele Scott | | 215-881-7350 

Abington Campus Counseling Center  

Financial Help
Mary (Meg) Ellen Glick | | 215-881-7353 

Abington Student Care and Advocacy
Student support/case management | 215-881-7353  

Abington Campus Food Pantry
215-881-7508 | 

Website to schedule online tutoring
This is a drop-in zoom link, and it is live Monday-Thursday during business hours.


Altoona Housing 

Altoona Resident Life
814-949-5710 | 

24/7 Altoona Resident Life Phone Number

Altoona Campus Nurse/Health Center

Altoona Campus Counseling Center

Altoona Campus Food Pantry
Ivyside Eats
Sue Patterson | 

Request online tutoring: 


Housing/Residence Life:
724-773-3959 | RA evenings and weekends: 724-480-6245 | 

Campus Nurse/Health Center
Barbara Kugel | 724-773-3955 | 

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor | 724-773-3951 

Pharmacy Delivery
Med First 1-800-277-1553 | The Hometown Pharmacy 724-774-2990 

Schedule online tutoring 


Housing/Residence Life    

Campus Nurse/Health Center

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor

Academic Support
Students at Erie can participate in zoom tutoring sessions by making an appointment at TutorTrac. Sessions will be listed 15 hours before and cannot be scheduled before then.  

Lion’s Pantry
Online Order Form
Students should make a note in the form under “additional comments or requests” to indicate that they are currently in Quarantine or Isolation. 

IT Help
Create an IT Ticket submission at 


Housing/Residence Life

Health Center

Campus Counseling Center
Colleen Tillger | 610-396-6082 

Online tutoring (Sundays only) 

Dickinson Law

Campus Food Pantry
Little Free Pantry 717-240-5209 

Dickinson Student Services page


Campus Nurse/Health Center
Jill Betton | 814-375-4765 |

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor
Colleen Lanzoni | 814-375-4832 |  

Campus Food Pantry
Ann | 

Online tutoring sessions
814-375-4795 | 


Campus Nurse/Health Center
Ronette Poorbaugh | 724-430-4137 

Campus Counseling
Amanda Collins | 724-430-4122 | 

Campus Food Pantry   

Online tutoring sessions

Great Valley
Greater Allegheny

Residence Life

Campus Nurse/Health Center
Jennifer Ross 412-675-9490 

Campus Counselor
Ann McCurdy 412-675-9475  

Student Life Virtual Involvement 

Online tutoring service


Health Services
717-948-6015 | 

Student Care and Advocacy

Counseling Services

We Care Food Pantry 
Intake form 

Online Tutoring
Schedule using Starfish by clicking "Courses" then “schedule appointment.” Click appropriate time and day. 


Hazleton Quarantine/Isolation Coordinator
Tim Novotney | 814-574-6329 

Housing/Resident Life:
570-450-3070 |  

Campus Nurse
Laura Gerth-Makarczyk | 570-450-3028 |  

Campus Counselor
Dana Sukeena | 570-450-3027 |  

Student Success Center
Tammy Spevak | | 570-450-3017 

Campus Events

Student Life

Online tutoring sessions  


Student Health | 717-531-5998 

Office for Professional Mental Health
717-531-8658 |  

Campus Housing

Lehigh Valley

Campus Nurse/Health Center
Marissa Ketcham | 610-285-5017

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor
Tammy Yocum-Cwienkala | 610-285-5077  

Campus Food Pantry
Tammy Yocum-Cwienkala | 610-285-5077

Online tutoring sessions 

Mont Alto

Residence Life

Campus Nurse/Health Center
Danielle Werner 717-749-6160

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor
Darlene Pasi 717-749-6125 

Mont Alto Campus Calendar of Events 

Online tutoring sessions

New Kensington

Campus Nurse/Health Center
Stematia "Stella" Milburn 724-334-6066 

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor
Kendra Kitko 724-334-6744 

Pharmacy Delivery

Tutoring Services: Students can request a tutoring using Starfish by clicking “Courses” then "schedule appointment." Click appropriate time and day. Or Schedule here. 


Housing/Residence Life
Lauren McCarthy | 570-385-6238 | 

Campus Nurse/Health Center

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor
Mindy Anthony-Spolski | 570-385-6127  

Campus Food Pantry

Schedule online tutoring sessions in starfish or by doing a “drop in” session via zoom


Campus Nurse/Health Center
Jill Thoman | (570) 963-2681 |

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor
Kathy Stefanelli | 570-963-2694 

Online tutoring sessions

University Park

University Health Services and Pharmacy 
Schedule online | 
814-865-4UHS (4847) 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

State College area delivery options   

Grocery delivery: Most grocery stores in town offer delivery- Weis, Giant, Wegmans. Consider downloading instacart app.    

Meal delivery: GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber eats   

More delivery options (toiletries, over the counter medications, food, etc): Target, Walmart, GoPuff app, Shipt

Pharmacy Delivery options: you can get pharmacy delivery through CVS or Instacart when you download either app   

Laundry: Balfurd is one local laundry service with pick-up/delivery options   

Lion's Pantry: Review directions on website and fill out online application.

*Please reach out to Student Support Services if you need further assistance or if you are interested in learning about meal delivery from campus*   

Wilkes Barre

Campus Health Services
570-675-9250 |

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor
Sarah Luvender-Newman | 570-675-9282 |  

Campus Food Bank

Online tutoring sessions 

World Campus

Health Services

Campus Counseling Center or Counselor
Sarah Bender | 717-771-4088 

Online tutoring services

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