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Health Promotion & Wellness has an array of events throughout the academic year. Please join us at the events/programs below:

Ongoing Programs

Free wellness activities for the spring 2020 semester.

Wellness Wednesdays

From 4:00 to 4:45 pm in 20 IM Building.  HealthWorks will lead a variety of interactive sessions that are designed to help improve your well-being.


Wednesday, January 15 – Explore Calm & Meditation

Explore different questions - What made you feel calm today? What are you grateful for? What are three highlights of today? Using the Calm book, Learn the significance of meditation by unwinding .

Wednesday, January 22 – Design a Sleep Oasis

Learn the 5 rules of sound sleep and how to create a sleep oasis. Design a sleep friendly bedroom.

Wednesday, January 29 - Create Happiness

Practice belly breathing and a body scan. Learn about resources that help reduce stress and better prepare you for exams. Discuss questions such as: Who makes you happy? List 10 people who make you feel the happiest in your life.


Wednesday, February 5 - Take a Break, Make a Mind Jar

Make a mind jar and learn multiple ways to take a break.

Wednesday, February 12- Design a Tattoo

Explore your creativity and design a tattoo that is meaningful to you with no permanent repercussions.

Wednesday, February 19 - Find your Flow to Success

Explore techniques to nurture and feed your sense of calm when you’re engaged in a challenging task. During this Wellness Wednesday find your “flow” state.

Wednesday, February 26 - Unplug: Digital Detox

Explore a digital detox. Learn how to set ground rules around using your technology. Discuss how social media distract us from having meaningful conversations.


Wednesday, March 4 - Worry Less, Wander More

Traveling for spring break? Learn how to stay calm in the air. Learn how to manage stress during long or short drives to wherever you may go.

* March 8 -14 Spring Break *

Wednesday, March 18 - Mind Map Your Path with Meditation

Create a mind map and develop your creative skills through meditation. Trace your finger through a maze to find your way to calm.

Wednesday, March 25 - Share Your Music

Take a moment, close your eyes and get lost in the music. Listen to a portion of your favorite song and other students’ songs and discuss feelings that were elicited by the tune. Listen to your favorite music and color.


Wednesday, April 1 - Doodle to Destress

Doodle over thumbprints in the gallery to calm down and embrace your creative scribbles.

Wednesday, April 8 - Free Your Mind

Write a short story that taps into your imagination to free your mind of stressors. Let your imagination run wild while writing a short story.

Wednesday, April 15 - Meditate in Nature and Cloud Gaze

Meditate in nature. Learn breathing and meditation exercises to manage life’s challenges.

Wednesday, April 22 - Walk Your Way to Calm

Learn about the relationship between walking and being calm. Walk with a peer educator and focus on your surroundings. Learn how walking can be meditative and used as a strategy to calm our thoughts and feelings.

Wednesday, April 29 - Develop a Positive Outlook with Your Favorite Happy Things.

Learn about little moments of joy that can have the most impact on your happiness. Take time to think about the little things like, comfy chairs in bookshops, making popcorn and a great old movie. Explore questions such as: What made you feel calm today? What are you grateful for? What are three highlights of today?

Yoga and Meditation

Every Wednesday from 5:15 to 6:15 pm in 107 Pasquerilla Spiritual Center.  The class runs from Wednesday, January 15 to Wednesday, April 29.  A limited number of mats and blocks will be available.

Instructor: Sima Farage, RYT 200, MBA, CHC, CEE

Note: No class on March 11th or April 8th.

Thursday Wellness

Activities on certain Thursdays will be from 5:15 to 6:15 pm in 20 Intramural Building. Supplies & materials are provided.


*Thursday, January 30 – I AM mixed media prints

Create a collage on a canvas using paint and images that celebrate who you are and what you aspire to be.

Facilitator - Hope Falk 


Thursday, February 6 – Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

Explore what it means to develop meaningful relationships through mindful listening and deeper conversations.

Facilitator - Siri Newman

*Thursday, February 13 - Mask Making

Decorate a mask that expresses something about who you are. Learn about how different cultures use masks to express their identity. Reflect on facets of your own identity that you show or hide from the world.

Facilitator - Hope Falk

*Thursday, February 20 - Found Poems

Create a found poem and a piece of visual art to represent your poem.

Facilitator - Hope Falk

Thursday, February 27 - Mindful Journaling

Practice a mindful approach to writing and journaling that will allow you to reflect on your life, goals and the map the path ahead.

Facilitator - Siri Newman


*Thursday, March 5 - Stamp Making

Create your very own stamp and write a note of gratitude. Learn about the benefits of regular gratitude practice.

* March 8 -14 Spring Break *

*Thursday, March 19 - Trash Monsters

Create a mini trash monster mask for the IllumniNATION parade.

Facilitator - Hope Falk

Thursday, March 26 - Mindful Eating Learn about mindful eating, engage in a sensory snack eating experience to explore this concept, and identify steps you can take to become a more mindful eater.

Facilitator - Kate Quick


Thursday, April 2 - Build Your Mindfulness Toolkit

Learn techniques to calm your body and mind as you navigate the normal daily stressors of life.

Facilitator - Siri Newman

*Thursday, April 9 - Portraits of Nature

Design your very own nature portrait from outdoor objects.

Facilitator - Hope Falk

Thursday, April 16 - Digital Detox

Redefine your relationship with technology and reclaim your life.

Facilitator - Sirir Newman

*Thursday, April 23 - Mindful Photography/ Art Walk

Practice mindfulness through photography. Enjoy a guided walk and learn basic photography skills.

Facilitator - Hope Falk

Thursday, April 29 - Mindful Walking 

Experience solo walking and reconnect with yourself through the outdoors.

Facilitator - Winnie Liu

*Part of the Mindful Making Series in collaboration with Student Engagement Programs 

Wellness Hour

Curious about your overall wellness? Stop by for a brief 10-minute talk with a peer health educator.  Topics include stress, sleep, physical activity, nutrition, and healthy relationships.  We will be in the following locations from 4:00 to 5:00 pm:

  • Mondays – 202 Redifer Commons, South
  • Thursdays – 134 Johnston Commons, East
The HUB/Robeson Center