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The Drop-in group exercise classes are included with a Campus Recreation Membership. All full-time Penn State students are members. Faculty/Staff and community members can purchase a membership online at Drop into any of these classes and bring your Penn State ID. Most Drop-In classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. Some classes have the option to reserve a spot. 

Class Descriptions

ABS-olute Core: Strengthen the muscles in your mid-section and low-back in this short targeted workout that will leave your whole core burning, but still keep you wanting more.

Barbell Bootcamp: This fitness class combines continuous cardiovascular activity with light to moderate barbell training. Cardio training using a standard straight barbell and weight plates attached to both sides. Plates are also used off-bar and individually for load. If you’re looking to take your muscular endurance to the next level, this is the class for you.

Barre: Barre incorporates toning and resistance exercises while utilizing barres, balls and light weights for an effective, non-impact workout. Barre employs the interval overload method to continuously increase your heart rate by targeting specific muscle groups. After fatiguing your targeted muscle group, stretching immediately follows. Bonus - you can do this class in your bare feet for optimum efficiency.

Cycling: This class is perfect for all fitness levels alike and allows you to get the workout that you came to get. Cycle to music that will motivate you through the hills as you build strength and drive you quickly through the sprints as you build speed. Patrons are asked to bring a towel with them to class in order to participate.

H.I.I.T.- High-Intensity Interval Training: Get ready to take your workout to the next level with battle ropes, plyoboxes, tires, and more. Our High Intensity Interval Training class combines bursts of high intensity work with short bouts of recovery. This class is designed to challenge participants using different movements every week.

Kickboxing: This class combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. Build stamina, improve coordination and get your heart rate and blood pumping as you punch, kick, and block your way through mini cardio combos.

Pilates: Pilates emphasizes the strengthening of the Powerhouse region: abdominals, back, hips, inner/outer thighs, and buttocks. This class will focus on overall toning, stretching, and lengthening. Work on posture, flexibility, balance, and coordination with newfound energy. Mats provided, but personal ones are always welcome.

POUND: Pound fuses easy to follow cardio moves with Pilates, isometric movements, & and yoga-based poses into a cardio strength workout, all while drumming with RIPStix. This combo works the entire body, raises the heart rate and forces each move to be as precise as a basic beat.

PowerRemix!: Come join the party each and every day by dancing to all of your favorite songs. This class mixes traditional dance styles with modern dance fitness routines for a fun, upbeat workout. Get ready to sweat but have a blast doing it.

Total Body Tone: This class is ideal for all fitness levels. The 45 minutes is broken up into half cardio and half bodyweight conditioning. The cardio can be an assortment of cardio exercises and the added bodyweight movements will allow you to leave at the end of class both sweaty and satisfied. This class includes progressions and regressions of each exercise.

Unplug: If the chaos of daily life causes you stress and lost sleep, join us for an hour of “Unplug”. This class will allow you to become aware of your body and find the tools for better relaxation and a more restful sleep. Unnecessary tension dissolves as the instructor leads you through meditation, breathing exercises, and visualization techniques. Unplug is your new favorite hour of the week.

Yoga: This class mixes strength, flexibility, and relaxation over a 45 minute span. Various asana (poses) will work to improve both body alignment and kinesthetic awareness and leave you feeling strong, capable, and in control of your range of motion. The practice closes with a relaxation period to center and calm. No Yoga experience is necessary to join this practice. Mats provided, but personal mats are always welcome.

Zumba®:  This fun and easy-to-follow, format will introduce you to international dance moves and rhythms. Taught by licensed Zumba® instructors, you’ll get the best blend of traditional Zumba® flavor with a dose of fitness thrown in.

360 Fit: This cardio-weight interval class uses bouts of high intensity cardio moves followed by muscle conditioning to maximize your time to boost fitness levels quicker. Different equipment will be used each class to keep the energy and fun at an all time high.