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Class Descriptions

BOGA: Founded in principles and lifestyle of surfing, stand up paddle board racing & aquatic YOGA. Boga classes intend to create a more accessible method to experience the strength, balance, flexibility and coordination benefits of these sports. Learn how the water has even greater benefits than easing stress on joints and muscles. There is a known link between the benefits of water on both the mind and body. Come enjoy this exciting new program! FitWell recommends you BOOK this class in advance. Go to your Campus Recreation membership account, Premium Fitness.

Gentle Hatha Yoga: This yoga practice is traditionally delivered through a slower, more meditative pace. This does not imply that the class is easier, rather offers a different approach to centering and focus.

H.I.I.T.- High-Intensity Interval Training: HIIT, short for high-intensity interval training, is a fitness class that combines bursts of high-intensity work with short bouts of recovery. The class is a 30-45 minute workout designed to challenge participants using different body weight movements every week including lunges, squats, push-ups, and burpees. HIIT is a gym class, taken to the next level.  

Indoor Cycling: No matter what the weather is like outside you can always come and ride with us. This class is perfect for all fitness levels alike and allows you to get the workout that you came to get. Cycle to music that will push you through the hard hills and motivate you to go just a little bit faster. TOWEL POLICY: Every patron must bring a towel with them to class in order to participate.

Pilates: So you want to be toned but not bulky? Give our Pilates Workout a try! This class combines principles & techniques of general fitness with the core-strengthening moves of Pilates for a great workout.

Tai Chi: Movements are continuous, flowing and based0 off the 24-moment soft form of Tai Chi. An excellent class to help handle stress while allowing your body to heal and develop.

Total Muscle Challenge: Be prepared to leave both sweaty and satisfied by the end of this muscle conditioning class. Utilize both body weight and added weight to work for all your body's major muscle groups through multiple repetitions and get your heart rate up by combining multiple exercises together.

Yoga: A mind/body focused class that can be practiced by any participant with an overall goal of improving one's fitness, flexibility, and focus in a relaxing manner. Various poses with progressions will work to improve both body alignment and kinesthetic awareness

Zumba®: Zumba® is a Latin and international rhythm inspired dance-cardio class