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Class Descriptions

ABS-olute Core: Strengthen the muscles in your mid-section and low-back in this short targeted workout that will leave your whole core burning, but still keep you wanting more.

Aqua Move: This is a course for those looking to keep moving and a balance of low-intensity cardio and full body strengthening in shallow water.

Aqua Power: This is a high-intensity interval based workout through plyo work in the shallow water! Participants will be bouncing, skipping, jump squatting and doing speed drills in shallow water. This is a great high energy workout that is easy on your joints and allows for some recovery from land-based workouts such as running and lifting.

Barbell: This fitness class combines continuous cardiovascular activity with light to moderate barbell training. The weight training is performed using a standard straight barbell and weight plates attached to both sides. Plates are also used off-bar and individually for load. This class is performed in tracks with breaks between sections allowing time for re-loading of the bars. If you’re looking to take your muscular endurance to the next level, this is the class for you!

Barre Fitness: Incorporates toning and resistance exercises while utilizing mobile ballet barres, exercise balls and light weights for an effective, non-impact workout. Barre employs the interval overload method to continuously increase your heart rate by targeting specific muscle groups. After fatiguing your targeted muscle group, stretching immediately follows. Bonus - you can do this class in your bare feet for optimum efficiency.

BOGAFit®: Founded in the principles and lifestyle of surfing, paddle boarding, and aquatic Yoga, this class creates an accessible method to experience the water. You will train strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination while on an inflatable board. No prior experience is necessary however a comfort in water is best. All equipment including boards and optional floatation vests is provided. Come to try this exciting new program Registration is limited. Book your spot early.

Calorie Killer: This high-intensity interval training class combines both intense cardio movements to raise the heart rate and muscle endurance segments to recover but also your blood pumping.

Cycling: This class is perfect for all fitness levels and allows you to get the workout that you came for in a studio setting. The high-end Schwinn bikes are designed to give you immediate feedback on your effort and to hold you accountable. Or toss a towel over the monitor and just enjoy the sweat. Cycle to music that will push you through the hard hills and motivate you to go just a little bit faster. -----Towels: Patrons are reminded that a sweat towel is required to take indoor cycling. Bring your own or borrow a sweat towel from the facility desk.

Deep Flow: This is a 2-class per week series that involves Yoga asanas (poses) and flow series designed to increase body awareness, relieve unnecessary tension, and gently progress by building off previous weeks. This practice will include more advanced asanas (poses) over time. You will learn traditional Yoga asana from experts who can adjust alignment and provide modifications. Sujata and Namita will incorporate elements of deep meditation and relaxation, centering, and Yoga theory is woven throughout. Deep Flow builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. If you want to take your practice to the next level, sign up for Deep Flow.

Full Body Workout: This class changes on a daily basis consisting of half cardio and half muscle segments. The cardio can be an assortment of cardio exercises and the added muscle will allow you to leave at the end of class both sweaty and satisfied. This class is ideal for all fitness levels and it includes progressions and regressions of each exercise.

Full Body Workout -TRX: This class is an FBW class with the added bonus of new TRX suspension training to effectively develop one’s strength, balance, and flexibility in a total body workout. If you have not yet experienced TRX it’s worth a peek.

Gentle Hatha Yoga: This yoga practice is traditionally delivered through a slower, more meditative pace. This does not imply that the class is easier, rather offers a different approach to centering and focus.

The Grind: The Grind is gym class taken to the next level. Once a week join us for the gauntlet of training. We’ll pull out all the “toys” in the fitness studio including weighted dummies, squat racks, smash balls, battle ropes and more. Bring you’re A-game to this class on Sundays and take the rest of the day to recover. You won’t regret The Grind! Space is limited.

H.I.I.T.- High-Intensity Interval Training: HIIT, short for high-intensity interval training, is a fitness class that combines bursts of high-intensity work with short bouts of recovery. The class is a 30-45 minute workout designed to challenge participants using different body weight movements every week including lunges, squats, push-ups, and burpees. HIIT is a gym class, taken to the next level.  

Hip Hop: This class will help you develop a hip-hop technique, a strong stage presence, and a dancer’s physique. You will hardly know you are working out as you move through hip hop dance moves. Instructor, the instructor has trained at the Alvin Ailey school and brings a fusion of street jazz, poppin’ funk, African commercial, Latin, and Fosse. This class is limited to 30 registrants.

Cardio Kickboxing: Combine martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio and you get cardio kickboxing. Build stamina, improve coordination and get your heart rate and blood pumping as you punch, kick, and block your way through mini cardio combos.

Pilates: So you want to be toned but not bulky? Give our Pilates Workout a try! This class combines principles & techniques of general fitness with the core-strengthening moves of Pilates for a great workout.

Power Remix!: Come join the party each and every day by dancing to all of your favorite songs. If you enjoy movement and music but want to be entertained, PR! is where to go. Time flies when you are PowerRemix-ing. Get ready to sweat but have a ton of fun doing it.

Power n Core: Come to try this non-cardio based class that focuses on core strength and lower body power. P/C will leave you wanting more. This class is a perfect way to expand upon your personal workout routine of squats, lunges, crunches, and planks! (Formerly Butts and Guts).

Tai Chi: Movements are continuous, flowing and based0 off the 24-moment soft form of Tai Chi. An excellent class to help handle stress while allowing your body to heal and develop.

Total Muscle Challenge:  Utilize both body weight and added weight to work for all your body’s major muscle groups through multiple repetitions and get your heart rate up by combining multiple exercises together. TMC will challenge your endurance but also give you the strength you desire.

Unplug: If the chaos of daily life causes you stress and lost sleep, join us for an hour of “Unplug”. This class will allow you to become aware of your body and find the tools for better relaxation and a more restful sleep. Unnecessary tension dissolves as the instructor leads you through meditation, breathing exercises, and visualization techniques. Unplug is your new favorite hour of the week.

Yoga: A mind/body focused class that combines the precision of postural Yoga with modern functional fitness and exercise. It can be practiced by any participant with an overall goal of improving upon one’s fitness, flexibility, and focus in a relaxing manner. Various asana (poses) will work to improve both body alignment and kinesthetic awareness and leave you feeling strong, capable, and in control of your range of motion, The practice closes with a relaxation period to center and calm. No Yoga experience is necessary to join this practice.

Zumba®:  This fun and easy-to-follow, format will introduce you to international dance moves and rhythms. The classes are taught by instructors who are not only licensed Zumba® instructors but also Certified PSU Fitness instructors. You’ll get the best blend of traditional Zumba® flavor with the appropriate dose of fitness options thrown in.