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Allergy Clinic

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Allergy Clinic

Please note: You must be under the care of an allergist. Also, you must establish care with a UHS clinician before receiving your first allergy injection.

Make an appointment online or call 863.0774.

Allergy Serums

Personal allergy serums that have specific written physician's orders and are provided by the student may be refrigerated in the Allergy Injection room and may be administered by registered nurses or licensed practical nurses under the direction of the student's personal allergist.

Information from your allergy doctor must include concentration, vial contents, frequency of injections, expiration date of serum, and late or missed injection directions. UHS won't administer injections from inadequately labeled vials or if physician instructions are missing or incomplete.

Fragrance Allergies

Please let the reception staff know if you suffer from a fragrance allergy. The Student Health Center is a Fragrance Free Zone.

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