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Health Insurance for International Travel

Insurance Requirement

All students, faculty, and staff who are traveling outside of the United States on university business, with university funds or with a university organization, must carry international travel insurance.

In keeping with best practices in the field of international education, Global Programs and Penn State Student Health Insurance have collaborated to provide a comprehensive health insurance plan that will provide consistent health insurance coverage and emergency assistance for Penn State students, faculty, and staff while abroad. The insurance plan underwritten by HTH Worldwide must be processed for all international excursions, regardless of duration or other insurance coverage prior to departure.

This coverage gives students, faculty and staff access to reliable global medical and assistance services while traveling internationally, which will minimize the risk of problems while traveling.

Global Programs in conjunction with the Penn State Travel Safety Network (TSN) is the main conduit of information and resources for Penn Staters travelling internationally. The TSN is also a database where travelers not traveling on official education abroad programs register their international travel; get access resources and services as well as the international insurance. For more information about the TSN, Please visit the TSN section of the Global Programs website.

If you have additional questions or are unsure about which enrollment method applies to you please e-mail the TSN staff regarding your enrollment.

How Do Students Enroll?

There are different ways that students are enrolled in the International Travel Insurance Plan depending on the type of international travel in which they intend to participate.

All students traveling internationally either individually or as a group for Non-Credit purposes will receive information about how to register through the Travel Safety Network (TSN).

For more detailed information about the types of enrollment, please visit the Health Insurance section of the Global Programs website or e-mail the TSN staff.

Faculty & Staff Traveling Internationally on University Business

All Penn State University employees travelling internationally on university business are covered under a blanket policy with HTH-GeoBlue. Access to this insurance is gained through the TSN or Education Abroad if running an embedded or faculty led program.

Faculty & Staff Planning Extended Personal Travel Abroad

Employees planning to extend their travel for personal reasons are encouraged to purchase additional insurance through HTH as the university policy is only applicable during official university travel. Please note that Penn State Extended Coverage does not include evacuation coverage for political, security and/or natural disaster related events. Employees may purchase extended coverage through the following website; HTH Worldwide Enrollment for Extended Coverage.

Non-Penn State Participants

Penn State Education Abroad strongly discourages non-University participants (including PSU alumni, volunteers, and family and community members) on Penn State-sponsored programs.

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