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All medical records at University Health Services (UHS) are strictly confidential. Information about a student's care will be released only with the student's written permission.

All UHS staff and student employees and volunteers adhere to established ethical principles and codes of professional practice, including patient confidentiality.

All information concerning students' visits to UHS, including their identity, reason for the visit, diagnosis, treatments, and billing information, is considered confidential information.

The one exception to this is a life-threatening situation where a student is so ill they are unable to give consent.

What Confidentiality Means to Students

Students at Penn State can be assured that their medical records are strictly confidential. Their medical records are not available to anyone, including parents, professors, and friends. Although this high degree of confidentiality may be a concern to parents seeking information, students' medical information is released only with their written consent or by a court-ordered subpoena.

What Confidentiality Means to Parents

It is certainly understandable that as concerned parents of students who have been ill, parents may want access to information in their son or daughter's medical record. Unfortunately, patient confidentiality standards prohibit UHS from allowing parents or anyone else access to students' medical records without their written authorization.

We will, however, discuss students' medical information with parents upon receipt of students' permission to disclose their medical records.

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