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Parents' Frequently Asked Questions


Which immunizations does my student need before coming to college?

Please see the UHS 'Immunization Compliance' page for more information.

Does my student need a physical before starting school?

Do you need me to send my student's medical records to you?


The following information applies to University Park Campus students only. Please refer to your commonwealth campus website for campus specific information.

How can my student get allergy injections while at school?

Allergy injections are available by appointment for students who have been seen by a UHS clinician. Students who receive injections at UHS can store allergy medication on-site with our Allergy Clinic.

How do I pay my student's bill and how much will it cost?


Office visit charges for new patients can run from $83 to $402 depending on the level of care needed at the time of visit.  Office visit charges for established patients can run from $38 to $279.  There are additional charges for lab, X-Ray, physical therapy, and pharmacy. UHS will submit patients' bills to their insurance companies.  If we are in-network with your plan, we will accept what your insurance company pays and only charge you for co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.  If your insurance company does not cover a particular service, you may be liable for that portion of the bill also.  If we are out-of-network with your insurance company you may be responsible for the entire amount of the bill.


We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify what type of coverage you have in the State College area.


For more information about our billing process and the insurances we accept, please see our Insurance Billing page.


Can you bill my insurance?

UHS contracts with the Penn State Student Health Insurance policy as well as several other insurances. The UHS Pharmacy participates with some prescription plans.

How do I get health insurance for my student through Penn State?

Each year Penn State selects a student health insurance plan and makes it available to undergraduate and graduate students. This plan is available for purchase at the beginning of each semester and covers most services at U H S. Policy details and enrollment deadlines are available on the Student Health Insurance section of this website.

Where is U H S located?

U H S is located in the Student Health Center, adjacent to the Eisenhower Parking Deck and the Bank of America Career Service Building off Bigler Road (S T H Student Health Center B6 on the Penn State Core Campus Map)

How does my student make an appointment?

Students can schedule appointments online through myUHS or call (814) 863-0774 during regular business hours. Same-day appointments are available for acute medical problems. Appointments for routine health concerns are generally available within a few days.

Does U H S provide class excuses?

Missing a class due to routine or less serious illnesses, such as sore throats, colds and similar health problems, does not qualify students for a formal “Verification of Illness.” In those cases, students should either e-mail or call the faculty member as soon as possible. If students experience a significant illness or injury that has resulted in academic problems, University Health Services will provide verification of care received at UHS to the faculty. However, the student must have a documented serious, prolonged illness or injury.

My student just had surgery, can he/she get help getting to and from class?

Sometimes students experience temporary impairments that limit their mobility to travel around campus. The Services for Students with Temporary Impairments website contains information about parking and transportation.

Have a question that isn't answered here?

You can always e-mail us.

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