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Frequently Asked Questions by Students

What happens if I get written up?

In most cases, you will be required to meet with a staff person in Residence Life or the Office of Student Conduct. Students who live on campus will most frequently meet with Residence Life staff. Off-campus students will meet with the Office of Student Conduct staff. In these meetings, you will have an opportunity to read the charges against you, explain your involvement (or lack thereof) in the incident, accept or deny responsibility, and a University sanction may be assigned.

Will my parents/guardians find out?

The University has a parental notification policy. Some violations of University policy are reported to parents/guardians.

What happens if I get caught drinking in the halls/apartments and I'm underage?

There is no standard response, but the University's primary concern is that you understand the potential consequences of engaging in illegal and harmful behavior. You may be asked to attend a class or series of classes, receive educational sanction, or receive an administrative sanction. Repeated violations of the alcohol policy could result in more severe consequences.

What do I do if my roommate has guests in the room all of the time?

Your roommate is not allowed to have guests in the room unless you give permission to do so. The first thing you should do is request that your roommate ask the guest to leave. If this does not work or you are uncomfortable doing so, see your Resident Assistant the Resident Assistant on duty. A roommate mediation may be necessary in order to work out an acceptable solution to this problem.

Will getting written up impact my future job/career?

Your conduct record is considered part of your educational record. Therefore, if you allow a potential graduate school or employer to have access to an educational record, most policy violations will be reported. It is up to the graduate school or potential employer to decide what to do with this information.

What do I do if I'm the victim of harassment/threats?

You should first inform your Resident Assistant who will be able to direct you to other resources. Some of your options include: meeting with University Police, filing charges through the Office of Student Conduct, counseling, and meeting with a staff person in the Residence Life office. University Police has a victim/witness advocate who can help you understand your options and make the best decision given your particular circumstance. Additionally, if the behavior is motivated by intolerance, you can report the incident here.

What happens if I get cited by the Police in a residence hall?

The Police process involving criminal behavior and the University's response to criminal behavior are two separate processes. You will be held responsible for your behavior by both processes. For example, if you get cited by University Police for drinking in the halls, you will have to pay the fine or meet with a magistrate as a result of the citation. Additionally, the Police will send a referral to the Office of Student Conduct and you will receive a University sanction as well.

What happens if I get in trouble off campus?

You may be held accountable for your actions. See the Off-Campus Conduct Policy for more information.