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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents and Families

What happens if my son/daughter gets in trouble in the residence halls?

Students will be required to meet with a staff person in Residence Life or the Office of Student Conduct. In those meetings, students have an opportunity to read the charges against them, explain their involvement (or lack thereof) in an incident, accept or deny responsibility, and a University sanction may be assigned.


What are the potential consequences of getting in trouble in the residence halls?

Staff have a wide variety of administrative and educational sanctions that they can assign to students.


Can my son/daughter get kicked out of the residence halls for getting in trouble?

Yes. Terminating a student's contract is an option within the community standards program. This sanction is typically assigned to students who have numerous policy violations or have one or two violations of a serious nature.


Will I find out if my son/daughter gets in trouble in the residence halls?

The University has parental notification policy. Some violations of University policy are reported to parents/guardians. See the University Parental Notification Policy for more information.


Will getting in trouble impact my child's future job/career?

A student's conduct record is considered part of an educational record. Therefore, if a student allows a potential graduate school or employer to have access to an educational record, most policy violations would be reported. It is up to the graduate school or potential employer what to do with the information.


What happens if my son/daughter gets in trouble off-campus?

Students may be held accountable for their actions off-campus, according to the Off-Campus Conduct Policy.


My student's roommate is always having their boyfriend/girlfriend/partner stay over. I don't like it and want something done about it. What are my options?

Students are allowed to have overnight guests in their rooms with their roommate's permission. If your student does not like having an overnight guest in the room, then s/he should tell his/her roommate. If that doesn't work, your son/daughter should go to their Resident Assistant or another Residence Life staff person.