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Lion Light

Lion Light highlights a student organization for an outstanding accomplishment and/or improvement either external or internal to the organization. Share with your fellow student leaders what you have been working so hard to achieve. The winner will be featured on the Student Activities website for the following month.

Lion Light Featured Organizations

The Singing Lions
The Singing Lions, Penn State's premiere and only show-choir just hosted a 40-minute long virtual show during the COVID-19 pandemic. Without any in-person rehearsals, and only one in-person recording (for Parents and Families Weekend 2020), our organization continued to learn new music, accept 2 new members, and meet weekly to film throughout the fall semester to put on this show. The show was free to view, and all voluntary donations benefitted THON. We also paired up with the Penn State Alumni Association, Low-Country Chapter, in order to advertise to alumni across the country. We were so blessed to have viewers from all across the country, be shouted out by the Penn State Alumni Association, Los Angeles Chapter, CEO Paul Clifford, and more! In our first presentation of the show, we raised over $1200 dollars for THON. Along with our 40-minute pre-recorded show, we also had a 45 minute talkback after our Nov. 19 show on Zoom so that our audience could come "meet" The Singing Lions, ask questions about the process and get the opportunity to donate to THON!
The Singing Lions