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Running a Meeting

How We Can Help:

Do you have to run an upcoming meeting for your organization? Are you nervous about getting the best possible outcome from this event? With the Office of Student Activities’ help, your meeting can be quite successful, which can ultimately lead to a successful organization or club. Below are some ideas for running a productive meeting.

To Do List:

  • Plan a meeting time when all members (or the most members) can attend. Make sure the meeting time and place is known.
  • Make an agenda. Agendas allow all members to have written information regarding a specific issue or topic. You can use these agendas to also highlight upcoming events.
  • Take notes. Be sure a member (like a secretary) is taking notes that can later be posted or emailed to all members. (This will be beneficial if ever a member needs to reference a meeting topic to discuss.)
  • Be available to members before and/or after meetings if ever there are questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there a certain format in which we should run our meetings to achieve the best outcome? This really depends on your organization. The Student Activities Office can help you best plan out your meetings to fit your organization and your own style.
  • Do we need to have weekly meetings? What if we don’t have anything to discuss? Yes. You should have weekly meetings, and if needed, you can always cancel the meeting.