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Student Advisory Board


Interested in being a part of the LGBTQA Student Advisory Board?





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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Ally (LGBTQA)

Student Resource Center Advisory Board

The LGBTQA Student Resource Center Advisory Board will serve to advise The Pennsylvania State University LGBTQA Student Resource Center on the advancement, promotion and mission of the LGBTQA Student Resource Center. In an advisory capacity, the board will offer formal suggestions on matters brought before them. At the first meeting of each semester the LGBTQA Center Director will update the board on Center activity, as well as provide a charge to the board for the semester. The purpose of the Advisory board is to:


Membership and Structure

Board members will serve a one academic year term which may be renewed once for a second term. Applications will be available in the spring for the following academic year. Center staff will establish an application timeline as well as a review process.

In the event of a vacancy on the board, the LGBTQA Student Resource Center Director will choose a temporary replacement until new applicants can be determined and reviewed. Replacements must be selected from the same area of representation as the individual from where the vacancy occurred.

Membership on the board will consist of the following:


Due to the nature of topics to be discussed full board meetings shall be closed. Creation of subcommittees will be determined annually. If subcommittees are created they are to report to the full board at meetings and to the Center Director when asked. Subcommittee membership will be on an at will basis, and meet as needed.

Members shall respectfully vote on issues brought before them. The chair will moderate all discussions and votes. In order to conduct business, a quorum must be present (half plus one). Suggestions shall become the opinion of the board, and passed to the Director of the center if at least half of voting members present agree. If no majority can be reached, the board will present the result of the vote to the Center for review.


Once board members are selected, LGBTQA Center staff will announce a date for Board Orientation. The orientation will cover programs and activities the center provides for The Pennsylvania State University as well as what the expected duties of board members will be for the upcoming year. Additional trainings and orientations will be developed and implemented at the Chairs discretion.

The Advisory Board shall meet three times minimally, both the spring and fall semesters. Additional full board meetings may be added at the Chairs discretion. Advisory board general members are expected to attend board meetings in person. Throughout the year, board members are expected to stay up to date on center activity and come prepared to all board meetings. Members are expected to come with an open mind and ready to work.


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