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Have you ever witnessed something that you knew wasn’t right, but you didn’t know how to step in and stop it? Our bystander intervention program teaches you how to take action because everyone plays a role in watching out for each other and we all deserve to be safe. At Stand for State, we empower students to step in when it counts.

Peer Educator Applications Coming Soon!
Do you want to promote positive change on campus? Stand for State is looking for peer educators! Connect with like-minded students, empower peers to step in when it counts, develop leaderships skills, and build your resume. Applications will be posted soon!

Through our programs, you'll know how to make a difference when you encounter:

  • Sexual and Relationship Violence
  • Acts of Bias
  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Risky Drinking and Drug Use

We don't just teach awareness about the big issues - we equip you to do something about the things you might see and are concerned about.

In our program you'll learn The 3D's of Stepping In:

Direct: Interact and express concern
Distract: Interact but don't express concern
Delegate: Pull someone else in to help

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