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In addition to upholding the Student Code of Conduct, the Office of Student Conduct offers the following services for students and the University community:

Decision Making Workshop

The Office of Student Conduct offers decision making workshops on a regular basis throughout the academic year. The workshops include a number of activities related to values-based decision making. Please follow the link below to sign up for a decision making workshop. Note that there is a maximum number of attendees per workshop; if you sign up for a class that is full, a staff member from the Office of Student Conduct will discuss rescheduling with you. The workshop can also be available as a module that students can work through individually. To inquire about the individual module or to discuss scheduling, please reach out directly to the Office of Student Conduct. 

Please click here to sign up for a Decision Making Workshop.

Administrative Directives

The Office of Student Conduct offers Administrative Directives that mandate a student have no contact with another person. Directives are used in serious circumstances and are issued as part of on an ongoing conduct process. Each request is evaluated individually and managed by the case management staff. Directives vary by situation and can be issued for a specific period of time, such as during an ongoing conduct process, or can be issued indefinitely during enrollment. Violating a directive will be taken seriously and can result in additional conduct action by the Office of Student Conduct.

Conduct Conversation

Each student referred to the Office of Student Conduct will be assigned a case manager. The Case Manager will meet with the respondent in a conduct conversation, which is an informal, non-adversarial meeting intended to allow the Case Manager to explain the conduct process, examine the complaint, listen to the respondent, discuss circumstances regarding the incident, and address the respondent’s questions.

Impacted Party Services

If someone has been impacted by a student’s misconduct, that person may file an incident report with the Office of Student Conduct. The office will assist impacted parties in accessing services on campus or in the community to support them through the experience. A victim of a crime of violence will have the opportunity to be involved as an equal party in any conduct process that develops as a result of the incident report.

Mediation Services

The Office of Student Conduct offers free mediation services to Penn State students at the University Park campus as an option to help resolve conflicts and disagreements. Mediation is a problem-solving and resolution process facilitated by a neutral third party in a safe and confidential environment. Visit our mediation page to learn more.


Representatives from the Office of Student Conduct are available to speak to staff or student groups regarding many conduct-related topics including Know the Code (general code of conduct information), Academic Integrity, Sexual Harassment and Misconduct, Ethical Decision Making, Clery and Title IX updates, or any other issue your audience may benefit from. You may request a presentation by submitting the Online Presentation Request Form.

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