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The Office of Student Conduct


If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual violence, hazing and/or other forms of harassment, we want to know.


Knowledge will enable us to hold students accountable and promote a safe and inclusive learning environment for everyone.


To learn more, receive support and/or report an incident, contact The Office of Student Conduct or visit the SHARE website.



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The Office of Student Conduct at Penn State University is one of the 19 units within Student Affairs. The Office of Student Conduct serves as a valuable resource for the university community by promoting a safe living and learning environment.

The University identifies unacceptable student behavior in a document called the Code of Conduct. Specific information can be found on the Procedures page. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the behaviors identified in the Code of Conduct and to allow it to inform their everyday decision-making both in and out of the classroom. Knowing what is considered acceptable and honorable behavior is often the first step to making that a way of life.

The Code of Conduct exists to maintain a civil and safe community in which all Penn Staters can live and learn. The disciplinary process administered by the Office of Student Conduct is designed to foster growth and learning through holding students accountable for their behavior. The goal of the Office of Student Conduct is to create a community in which students’ actions validate the essential values of Penn State University:

Information regarding Penn State's Nondiscrimination Statement can be found on the Affirmative Action website.

In addition, the Student Guide to General University Policies and Rules will provide further information regarding Penn State's Policy Statements.

Representatives from the Office of Student Conduct are available to speak to your staff or student groups regarding many conduct-related topics including Know the Code (general code of conduct information), Academic integrity, Sexual Harassment and Misconduct, Ethical Decision Making, Clery and Title IX updates, or any other issue your audience may benefit from. You may request a presentation by submitting the Online Presentation Request Form.

So let the Code of Conduct guide your moral compass in the right direction. For the glory of Old State, know and uphold the Code.

120 Boucke Building | 814.863.0342 | Contact the Office of Student Conduct