20 Interviewing Prep Tasks

    Do you Want the Job?

  1. Identify specific aspects about the job description that appeal to you the most.
  2. Research the organization and determine why you want to work for them.
  3. Pinpoint characteristics about the career field that appeal to you.
  4. Determine what you like about where the job's located.
  5. Select appealing aspects of each relevant experience on your resume.

  6. Can You Do The Job?

  7. 6. Select your top skills as they relate to the position.
  8. Establish hands-on experiences that are most relevant and substantive.
  9. Identify relevant education and/or training.
  10. Determine your most relevant personal qualities
  11. Prepare to answer questions relating to your computer and communication skills.

  12. Will You Fit In?

  13. Prepare to talk about your thoughts and experience with resolving conflicts.
  14. Prepare to talk about your thoughts and experiences relating to diversity.
  15. Prepare to talk about your thoughts and experiences relating to teamwork.
  16. Determine your management philosophy and related experiences.
  17. Identify your work style preferences.

  18. Are You Self-Sufficient?

  19. Prepare to talk about your life outside of work.
  20. Determine your approach to resolving problems.
  21. Identify your organizational and time-management skills.
  22. Prepare to talk about your ability to adapt and learn new things.
  23. Determine your degree of self-confidence.
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