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Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey

The Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey (SMCS) is a University-wide survey with the aim of understanding students' experiences and knowledge of resources related to various forms of sexual misconduct while attending Penn State. The survey asked students questions about their personal experiences, their perceptions of campus climate, and their behavior as bystanders. The results provide insight into a number of areas, including the prevalence of sexual assault and other types of sexual misconduct, how comfortable people feel reporting incidents, and the role of alcohol. The results will help guide the University's ongoing initiatives to combat sexual violence and track progress with future survey administrations.

The survey fulfills one of the recommendations put forward by the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Task Force in January 2015. Read the full task force report. (PDF)

The survey instrument was based on the survey created by the Administrator Researcher Campus Climate Consortium (ARC3). The original ARC3 survey was piloted in spring 2015 at University Park, Altoona, Behrend, Fayette, and Lehigh Valley. Feedback from the pilot was used to make minor adjustments prior to the full survey administration in November 2015.

Read the full survey used at Penn State now.

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