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Undergraduate & Graduate Internship Guidelines

Fall Semester 2021 Internships

Fall 2021 will resemble normal practices, but we will continue to honor alternative opportunities as some sites may not be open for face-to-face internships. If an internship is required for students to graduate, your college and academic program should communicate alternative options to students.  

Alternative Opportunities

Academic programs are expected to support students in meeting internship or other experiential requirements during Fall 2021 if your internship site is not open for face-to-face internships. Graduating seniors will be prioritized in this process. Alternative activities may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Remote virtual internships or experiences 

  • Independent/special topics courses that meet learning outcomes of experiential education internships 

  • Research or culminating project that simulates the internship or other required experience 

  • Program-specific course substitutions 

Contact your department and/or internship supervisor if you need an alternative internship opportunity.