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Career Planning Courses

Available for credit at University Park, these courses offer the chance to explore career paths and develop skills to prepare you for an internship or job search.

Effective Career-Decision-Making (CN ED 100)

Appropriate for first through fifth semester students who are in the process of exploring and defining career goals, this course explores personal interests, values, and abilities; examines methods of researching information on careers; and applies decision-making models.

  • 3 credits

  • Explore personal interests, values, and abilities

  • Examine methods of researching information on careers

  • Study decision-making models and your own preferences in making decisions

  • Advance toward career-related decisions by participating in various class and individual activities

  • Develop a career plan with short-and long-term goals

Job Search Skills & Strategies for Tech Careers (AG 100/SCI 101)

This course addresses job search strategies and is appropriate for juniors and seniors in any scientific or technical area. (For example, science, agriculture, engineering, earth and mineral science, information sciences and technology) Through this course, students will understand the process of seeking and gaining employment and learn to effectively transition from college to the workplace. 

  • 1 credit
Professional Development for the Liberal Arts Student (LA 103)

This course is designed to provide you with the techniques and information necessary to specify and implement post-graduation educational and career plans. This course is designed to assist students in the College of the Liberal Arts with the process of developing and implementing career plans for after graduation. It helps students understand the process of seeking and gaining employment and how to effectively transition from college to the workplace.

This course will help students think about how to make their time at Penn State worthwhile and will be exposed to the various opportunities available to them at the College and University level. Students will hear from staff, alumni, and employers about a range of topics including interviewing, hiring practices, professionalism, social media, networking, post-graduate options, and other professional development topics. Students will start and/or continue to solidify their plans for after college and take steps to create a portfolio of work for the job and internship search. Students will use tools to learn more about themselves and explore career options. They will learn about career fields for students graduating with Liberal Arts degrees and hear from employers, staff, and alumni about how to leverage their education, skills, and knowledge to be successful during the job and internship search and during their time in the workforce. Students will develop a multitude of skills from this class, including identifying abilities, interests, and values and understand how to incorporate these into career decision-making. They will be able to utilize various resources such as informational interviewing and networking to research industries and careers, and inform career decision-making. They will make use of targeted searches, and online job postings to identify potential jobs and internships. Students will spend time writing effective position-specific application materials such as resumes and cover letters and learn to implement effective interviewing techniques during phone, individual, panel, and group interviews.

For students who are thinking about post-baccalaureate options, the class will help these students identify and search for graduate programs as well as successfully complete the graduate school application process. This course will help students transition successfully into the professional world, using skills and knowledge to conduct future career decision making and job searches.

  • 1 credit