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International students and any accompanying dependents are required to purchase the Penn State Student Health Insurance plan (SHIP) or submit proof of health insurance coverage that meets the full set of requirements.

New Student Open Enrollment
Fall 2020 open enrollment runs from May 1 - September 1. The LionPATH submission is now available for students to waive or enroll.
International Student and Dependent Health Insurance Requirements

In order to waive the Penn State Student Health Insurance plan (SHIP). Your current health insurance coverage must meet these requirements. 

  1. U.S. carrier or entity is approved to do business in the U.S. and compliant with all guidelines of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
  2. Carrier has a filed and approved health insurance policy with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Insurance or has a sponsored insurance plan that meets the waiver standards and is approved by the Student Health Insurance Office, together with a letter of financial guarantee directly from the plan sponsor
  3. Coverage for 100% of preventive and contraceptive care (preventive examinations, immunizations and screening tests, as required by the PPACA and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for student health insurance plans)
  4. Coverage for pre-existing conditions with no waiting period
  5. Deductible no greater than $500;
  6. Coverage for all essential benefits for accident and sickness, including prescription drug coverage, without limitation
  7. Maternity Benefits (or Pregnancy) covered as any other illness or injury;
  8. Inpatient and outpatient mental health/substance abuse as any other condition
  9. No exclusions for injury or illness as a result of alcohol, drugs or attempted suicide
  10. Worldwide coverage
  11. $3,000 In-Network out-of-pocket maximum
  12. $15,000/$30,000 Out-of-Network out-of-pocket maximum
  13. OR U.S. employer-sponsored health insurance in place of standards 1-12;
  14. And Medical evacuation ($100,000/Repatriation ($50,000) minimum limits.
How to provide proof of alternate health insurance

If you currently have health insurance that meets all of the requirements, you may waive the  Penn State SHIP for yourself and your dependents.

For yourself: Visit the Health Insurance page in LionPATH after registering for classes to enter your information.  

  • Log in to LionPATH.
  • Navigate to the Health Insurance page.
  • Under the current coverage year, select Waive.
  • You will need a copy of your current health insurance ID card and your health insurance brochure or plan description before you start the waiver.
  • Your online application will be reviewed and you will receive an e-mail approving or denying your application from First Student.

For dependents: International dependent waivers must be completed through the Student Health Insurance office. Students need to visit the Student Health Insurance office in the Student Health Center in-person to pick up the Dependent Waiver Application Form.

How to enroll in the Penn State Student Health Insurance plan (SHIP)

The Penn State SHIP is administered by First Risk Advisors and underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources. 

To enroll: Visit the Health Insurance page in LionPATH after registering for classes to enter your information.  

  • Log on to LionPATH.
  • Navigate to the Health Insurance page.
  • Under the current coverage year select Enroll.
  • Follow additional steps to enroll.

After enrolling in the Penn State SHIP, students will see the premium charge on their bursar account. Students will be charged the fall premium on their fall tuition statement and the spring and summer premiums on their spring tuition statement. 

Students who do not take action to Waive or Enroll through LionPATH by the Fall deadline, September 1, 2020 will be automatically enrolled in the Penn State SHIP and the health insurance premium will be charged to their student account.

By selecting Enroll in LionPATH, students will have access to their medical ID card sooner. The premium will still be charged to their student account. 

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