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Career Workshops and Events

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Don't see an event? Check back! We're adding workshops and programs all the time. For a listing of all Student Affairs events, please visit the Student Affairs events page.

Watch a Recorded Workshop

Browse and stream a recorded career workshop when you have the time. Choose from a wide variety of topics from the career professionals at Penn State.

Career Fair Prep

Career Fair Prep Workshops

  • Prepare for the Fair
    A career fair is a unique experience for both students and employers. Be confident in how you approach a fair, how you pitch your skills, and how you take the next step afterwards. 

  • Career Fair Strategies for International Students
    Understand the unique experience you bring to a career fair and how to find employers who need your talent. Learn how to effectively research employers prior to the fair, how to approach recruiters, and how to highlight your global perspective.

  • Using the Online Fair Platform
    Career fairs look a little different this year but don't let that throw you off of your game. Learn how to use Brazen, the career fair platform, so you're ready to navigate fairs like the professional you are.

  • Navigating a Virtual Career Fair
    Online career fairs are a unique environment. Learn how to prepare before logging on, how to maximize your time in the platform, and how to follow-up afterward.

Career Basics and Resources

Career Basics and Resources

  • Career Services Orientation
    Curious about who we are and how we serve Penn State students, alumni, and recruiting employers? Say no more! Learn about our office and what we do.

  • Introducing MyPlan: A Career Assessment Instrument
    This program will provide an over view of the MyPlan career assessment tool. This will include a broad overview of career planning, and the role of assessment within career planning. Included in the program will be information regarding when and how to use MyPlan

  • All About LionLink
    Presented by the Penn State Alumni Association
    Want to expand your network? Need to fill resume gaps? Want to conduct an informational interview? You need an account on Lion Link. This workshop will walk you through setting up an account, connecting to Penn State alumni, and expanding your network. Penn Staters love Penn Staters!

  • Alumni Career Services: Transitioning from Student to Alumni
    Getting ready to graduate? Learn about all of the career support provided to you at a Penn State alumni and how our teams support you for life.

Recruiter Insights

Recruiter Insights

  • Talk to the Recruiter Panel Series
    Hear from the recruiters themselves. Stream a series of panels that highlight a variety of industry organizations, how they're handling this shift in the workforce, and advice on how you can navigate the change.

  • Diversity Dialogues Employer Panel
    Diversity at work matters. Listen in to real employers attending Fall Career Days talk about the importance of a diverse workforce, how to tackle equity in the office, and how we can keep these needed conversations going.



  • Acing the Virtual Interview
    It's a whole new world out there but you've got this. Learn how a virtual interview is different from a traditional setting and how to become a pro at navigating a remote interaction.

  • Acing the Interview
    Let's talk strategy. Learn what employers are looking for during an interview and how you can develop those skills to stand out from the crowd.

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn

  • Creating a Resume
    Learn the rules of the resume! Find out how to format and structure a basic resume so you can start applying to opportunities. 

  • Rock Your Linkedin Profile:
    Maximizing the Contents of Your Profile

    Learn from Jen Jortner Cassidy, a Linkedin Learning expert, on how to build out a profile that will attract attention and highlight your professional story.

  • Cover Letter 101
    A cover letter is a key part of your marketing materials. Learn how to craft the perfect partner document for your resume, what to avoid, and how to follow-up with employers.

Job & Internship Search

Job & Internship Search

  • Job and Internship Search Strategies
    Be the potential hire with a plan! Understand how to make the most of job and internship resources, how to make an action plan, and how to maximize your efforts to find the perfect job or internship opportunity.

  • Career Strategies for International Students
    Understand your options for working in the United States, visas, sponsorships, and how to navigate a job and internship with your international background.

Offers, Negotiating & Career Success

Offers, Negotiating & Career Success

  • Excelling in a Virtual Internship
    Working from home just got easier. Learn the ins and outs of navigating an online experience, best practices to help you succeed, and how to maximize the opportunity even when you're off-site.

  • Job Offers and Negotiating Strategies
    YOU DID IT. You have an offer but now what? Learn what to expect with an offer, how to negotiate things like salary, and how to wrap up your job search.

  • Being Career Resilient Workshop
    Do you feel as if professional experiences are out of reach?
    Join us to focus on reflection, building an action plan, developing relationships, learning, and setting a framework for your career success.

  • Obtaining Work-Life Balance
    An important part of occupational wellness is establishing and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With both internal and external demands placed on you to perform well, many people spend too much time and energy on their job and not enough time and energy for themselves and for their friends and family. In this seminar, you will learn about the pitfalls as well as the success strategies related to establishing and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Graduate & Professional School

Graduate and Professional School

  • Navigating Graduate School with a Disability
    Listen and learn from this insightful panel of current and former graduate students, faculty, and higher education administration about navigating graduate school with a disability, from applying to asking for accommodations. 

Listen in for Career Advice

Penn State Career Convos Podcast

Penn State Career Convos

Struggling to find an internship? Worried about entering into the workforce after graduation? We’re here to help! Welcome to Career Conversations, the new career-focused, student centered podcast hosted by Penn State Career Services.

In each episode join host Zach Follador as he connects with guests like recruiters, Career Services staff, and recent alumni to help current students get prepared to enter the real world. 

Listen to the latest:

Smeal Lifelong Learners Podcast

Smeal Lifelong Learning Podcast

Smeal Alumni Career Services is dedicated to connecting our alumni with professional advancement opportunities at any stage of their career.

Our lifelong learning webinars and brand new podcast program deliver live and on-demand digital content with subject matter focused on higher education business research, corporate and small business industry knowledge, and career development best practices.

Podcast episodes are 20-30 minutes in length as one-to-one interviews featuring Smeal faculty, alumni, and well regarded industry partners. This program was developed for busy, on-the-go professionals looking for a quick immersion in trending business content.

Career Fairs

Ready to find opportunities? See the full schedule of career fairs on campus and start your internship or job search.

Career Fairs at Penn State

Career Fairs for Nittany Lions

Penn State's career community organizes a wide variety of career fairs throughout the academic year. 

Vetted Online Career Fairs

Vetted Online Career Fairs

Hop online and search for opportunities at a variety of online fairs. While not run or sponsored by Penn State, these events are a great opportunity to connect with a variety of organizations from across the country.

Request a Workshop

Career Services can present a workshop for your class, student organization, or group. Complete the request form and our Program Assistant will contact you directly with questions and confirmation.

Workshop Guidelines

  • Demand may require a workshop limit per semester.

  • 5 business days of lead time is needed to guarantee a presenter.

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