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Respondent Support Services

Our office is here to help you continue with your studies and participation in the Penn State Community while your case is being investigated and decided. Going through a misconduct process can be stressful and seem unclear at first. We can help you navigate the entire process—no matter where you are in it—while helping you share your perspective.

The office can help you: 

  • Understand what to expect in a transparent, open manner
  • Engage with academic accommodations and University resources that can support you
  • Connect with community resources that may have no ties to Penn State
  • Develop self-supporting strategies to help you pursue other goals
  • Explain the responsibilities and options that you have while going through the process, and 
  • Support you as you choose a response in keeping with your best interest

The Respondent Advisor can also help you give voice to some of the challenges and concerns you have had since being named in a report. Every person responds to being named differently, and the Respondent Support Office is here to help you process those feelings while you prepare to answer an allegation.

What is a Respondent?

The term Respondent refers to an individual who is alleged to have committed an act of misconduct that transgresses the Student Code of Conduct, Title IX, or the actions described in AD-85 and/or AD-91. If you have been accused of misconduct the process can be stressful, but we may be able to help. Know that the presumption at the beginning of each case is that you are not responsible. That only changes if you admit to misconduct or the standard of evidence in your process is met. Those standards may change depending on what you are accused of and where you are in the process. Contact the office for an appointment to discuss the particulars of your specific situation.