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From classical concerts to popular artists, fine art galleries to LateNight crafts, and performance art to theater productions, Penn State has opportunities for you to experience the arts in whatever way you choose.


IllumiNATION is a new Center for the Performing Arts and Student Engagement Programs initiative that aims to create a unified Penn State community; full of responsible and inclusive citizens of the world by encouraging creativity, practicing sustainability, and providing a welcoming an inclusive environment for all with illuminated object workshops and parade. 

Arts & Craft Workshops 

The student engagement manager works with the Center for Performing Arts and Student Affairs to create opportunities for students to have engaging and meaningful art experiences. This position also acts as the advisor to Performing Arts Council (PAC), who work to uplift the many performing arts student organizations on campus and promote collaboration. More information can be found on their website:

Mindful Making

Mindful Making aims to use the arts and culture to promote mindfulness and community. These programs are meant to give students the space and the permission to slow down and partake in some self-care.

Fall 2019 Events

Self-care box decorating, September 5

Students will decorate a self-care box, create a list of items to gather for their box, and write affirmations to share with the group. Students will discuss what self-care means and be guided through a meditation on loving kindness.

Making a self-care box or hygge emergency kit is like preventative care. It is for those overly abundant rainy days we have here when you are feeling low on energy, or when you are just in the mood to burrito into your comforter. If you fill your box with your favorite indulgences, things that make you happy then you can make the most of those cozy nights in rather than wasting away mindlessly binging Netflix.

Art/Self-Love journals, September 19

Students will create art journals and discuss how to use them in their daily life.

Art journals can be a great way to unwind and reflect on your experiences. Adding this visual element to journaling can be both freeing and empowering. Somethings we experience are easier to express visually. Allowing yourself to make mistakes and experiment with the creative process can also be therapeutic as we are not frequently allowed opportunities to fail by ourselves or society.

Collaborative Zen Doodles, October 3

Students will work together to draw doodles on paper, each person contributing to everyone’s piece of paper. Once satisfied they will learn some basic zen-doodling and work to complete their piece. This will encourage participants to socialize with each other and takes some of the pressure out of creating a “perfect” piece of art.

Mindful Calligraphy, October 24

Students will learn some basic calligraphy lettering and use watercolors to decorate small cards. Using what they learned they will write affirmations on their watercolored cards. If they were at previous sessions, they might put these in their self-care box or journal.

Paper lanterns, November 7

Students will learn about the Center for the Performing Arts new initiative, IllumiNATION. They will also have the opportunity to decorate their own paper lantern.

Mandalas and trail mix, November 21

Students will learn about mandalas, their cultural and spiritual significance, and the different techniques that are used to create them. They will then have an opportunity to work on one of their own.

Knitting and overnight oats, December 5

More details coming soon. 

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