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From classical concerts to popular artists, fine art galleries to LateNight crafts, and performance art to theater productions, Penn State has opportunities for you to experience the arts in whatever way you choose.


IllumiNATION is a new Center for the Performing Arts and Student Engagement Programs initiative that aims to create a unified Penn State community; full of responsible and inclusive citizens of the world by encouraging creativity, practicing sustainability, and providing a welcoming an inclusive environment for all with illuminated object workshops and parade. 

Arts & Craft Workshops 

The student engagement manager works with the Center for Performing Arts and Student Affairs to create opportunities for students to have engaging and meaningful art experiences. This position also acts as the advisor to Performing Arts Council (PAC), who work to uplift the many performing arts student organizations on campus and promote collaboration. More information can be found on their website:

Mindful Making

Mindful Making aims to use the arts and culture to promote mindfulness and community. These programs, designed in collaboration with Health Promotion and Wellness, Student Engagement Programs and The Center for Performing Arts, are meant to give students the space and the permission to slow down and partake in some self-care. Visit the Health Promotion and Wellness Events & Programs page for dates and more information.

Request a workshop

You can request a Mindful Making workshop for your floor, your friends, or your student org. Email Hope Falk,, arts student engagement manager to make a request. 

  • Zines, Zentangling, and Heart Mapping: Students will learn how to make a zine, be introduced to the basics of Zentangling, a meditative doodling practics, and will be introduced to a creative gratitude practice.
  • Paper Cranes and Mandalas: Students will learn about mandalas and paper cranes, their cultural and spiritual significance, and the different techniques that are used to create them. They will have an opportuity to work on one of their own. 
  • Slow drawing, big art: Students will be guided through a slow drawing practice meant to ocnnect them to their breath and break down barriers to art-making. We will also discuss how working on a smaller scale can be less intimidating. 


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