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Student Affairs offices are operating both in-person and remotely. Visit individual department pages for services and contact information, and the event calendar for a full list of events. Additionally, our COVID-19 Support page provides vital student information including COVID testing resources, conduct policies, quarantine and isolation guidance, and more.

Get Urgent Help

Historically, CAPS does not conduct outreaches during finals week. Since outreaches typically need to be requested 2 weeks ahead of time, we will not be able to accommodate any requests received after Tuesday, December 1, as finals week begins December 14.

Requests may be submitted for outreaches that will take place during the spring 2021 semester.

​Thank you and we wish you the very best during these last weeks of the fall semester.
You can find a number of very helpful resources on our Virtual Services webpage…

Educational Outreach & Workshops

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers psycho-educational programs designed to reduce distress and/or increase wellbeing. Frequent topics include:

  • Transition and coping in the time of COVID
  • Stress Management
  • Red Folder (how to help a student in distress)
  • Mindfulness Strategies
  • CAPS Services

Request a Workshop or Presentation

Outreaches have moved to a Zoom-based format. To best meet outreach requests during the COVID-19 period, the more advance notice the more likely we can identify a staff member who has matching availability. If requesting an outreach presentation topic different from those listed above, a minimum of TWO weeks advance notice is required.

CAPS will provide the requestor with a Zoom link to the outreach. It is the requestor's responsibility to distribute this Zoom link to the group members in a timely manner.

To request an outreach program, please complete our Request Form. If there are special circumstances, please contact Dr. Kate Staley, at

    Media and Class Interview Requests

    Interview requests that come in after Wednesday, December 2 at 5:00 p.m.  for class projects or assignments will not be able to accommodated.  Please refer to the CCMH website for college and university-related  mental health findings/data that may address your needs, as well as the CAPS website to help you answer general questions.  Thank you.  


    Requests for interviews for established media outlets (on campus and state/national media) are given priority over requests for interviews for class projects and assignments. All media requests, when possible, should be made with at least ONE week's advance notice. All requests for class project/assignment interviews must be made with at least TWO weeks advance notice, and no interviews for this purpose will be done during finals week.

    Please do NOT send requests to multiple staff persons at CAPS. All requests must come via the outreach request form.

    It is strongly recommended that individuals review the CAPS website BEFORE making a request as many answers to frequently asked questions may be found there. Data on mental health issues among college and graduate students and what conditions and issues campus counseling centers often address can be found in the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH) annual reports and by using the Data Navigator tool.

    Resources for Class Assignments

    These online mental health resources may be helpful for those seeking information about mental health issues for personal use or class assignments.

    Penn State Student Affairs
    Counseling & Psychological Services
    Main Location

    501 Student Health Center
    University Park, PA 16802

    Additional Locations

    3rd Floor Bank of America Career Services Building
    University Park, PA 16802

    Allenway Building (Downtown)
    315 S Allen Street
    State College, PA 16801