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HUB-Robeson Center Meeting and Event Space Overview

The HUB-Robeson Center houses many spaces that are available to reserve for your events, meetings, or promotions. From meeting rooms and lounge spaces to information tables and a kitchen, we have unique spaces to meet the needs of your group. Please visit our Floor Plans & Rental Rates page for more information on rates. All of these spaces can be reserved by contacting the HUB-Robeson Center Event Management office or through CollegeNet/25Live, the online reservation system. 

Student Organization In-person Activities
Before you reserve a space, learn more about the procedures for in-person activities for spring 2021, visit our In-person Student Experiences webpage.
In-Person Student Experiences

Social Distancing

The HUB-Robeson Center will follow all University guidelines related to COVID-19.  Regular fees still apply to rooms and audiovisual equipment.

Available Spaces

Information about each space and set-up options are included below. By clicking on a space, you can view a description, images, and set-up options. Contact HUB-Robeson Center Event Management office with additional questions. 

Event Space
Event Space Social Distancing Default Setup Capacity Default Setup Can set up be changed?
(*Fee may apply)
Freeman Auditorium 60 Fix Seated Auditorium NO
Flex Theater 14

Theatre Seating


Alumni Hall 132 Empty with Stage YES*
Heritage Hall 104 Empty YES
129A or 129B or 129C 15 Empty YES
129AB or 129BC 29 Empty YES
129ABC 44 Empty YES
302 43 Empty YES
Alumni + 129A or B or C 146 Empty YES
Alumni + 129AB or BC or AC 160 Empty YES
Alumni + 129ABC 176 Empty YES
Meeting Space
Meeting Space Social Distancing Default Setup Capacity Default Setup Can set up be changed?
(*Fee may apply)


3 Conference Table NO
16 4 Conference Table NO
102 9 Conference Hollow Square NO
106 7 Conference Hollow Square NO
107 6 Conference Hollow Square NO
110 4 Conference Table NO
111 4 Conference Table NO
131 9 Classroom Style YES*
134 15 Classroom Style YES*
229 10 Conference Table NO
232A 8 Classroom Style YES*
232B 8 Classroom Style YES*
232AB 16 Classroom Style YES*
233A 20 Classroom Style YES*
233B 20 Classroom Style YES*
233AB 40 Classroom Style YES*
235 2 Conference Table NO
321 10 Conference Hollow Square NO
322 10 Conference Hollow Square NO
324 4 Conference Hollow Square NO
325 8 Conference Hollow Square NO
327 8 Conference Hollow Square NO
330 10 Conference Hollow Square NO
331 4 Conference Hollow Square NO
332 4 Conference Hollow Square NO
Lounge Space
Lounge Space Social Distancing Default Setup Capacity Default Setup Can set up be changed?
(*Fee may apply)
Ground Floor Stage 3 Dining Seating YES*
Monumental Staircase 2 Lounge Seating YES*
Cheatham 4 Lounge Seating YES*
Galbraith 7 Lounge Seating YES*
Gingher 7 Lounge Seating YES*
Auditorium Lounge 11 Lounge Seating YES*
Art Alley 13 Lounge Seating YES*
Noontime 29 Lounge Seating YES*
TV Lounge 44 Lounge Seating YES*
Charlotte Ray 44 Lounge Seating YES*
Other Reservable Spaces

Monumental Staircase

This space is located in the atrium area near rooms 131 and 134. The area is open to the public and receives natural light. There is an hourly rate for all groups who wish to use the space.  

Ground Floor Stage

This space is located at the bottom of the main staircase just inside the exit to the HUB Lawn. The area is tiled, open to the public, and receives natural light. There is an hourly rate for all groups who wish to use the space. There is also a change of setup fee in addition to any changes to the space. 

Ground Floor Information Tables

There are a total of 10 information tables.  The HUB provides information tables for Registered Student Organizations and University Departments for education, fundraising, and promotion. Only one table may be reserved per organization per day. That table can only be reserved for 5 consecutive days.  

First Floor Main Lounge Tables

There are a total of six main lounge tables. These tables are also known as philanthropic tables. The primary purpose of these tables is philanthropic in nature and all proceeds collected are going to a charitable non-profit organization. They are also available to promote University-wide or nationally recognized events. If you wish to reserve one of these tables and your activity does not meet the criteria above, you may only make a request for the space a week prior to the date you wish to reserve. 

Heritage Hall Kitchen

Heritage Hall Kitchen is attached to Heritage Hall but also has direct access to the public area of the HUB.  This space can be reserved with or without a reservation for Heritage Hall. The space includes a refrigerator, sinks, prep table, and tiled floor. The HUB requires a minimum of 30 minutes for setup and 30 minutes for teardown to be added to all reservations for use by facility personnel only. There is a daily rate for all groups.