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Spring Career Days is more than just a career fair. Use the week to network and connect with the thousands of recruiters on campus.

Networking & Professional Etiquette Dinner

Represent yourself and connect. 

Interested in representing your student group and your leadership skills? Join us for the Networking & Professional Etiquette Dinner.

Connect with organizations attending Spring Career Days during a mocktail hour before a presented etiquette dinner. Join guided discussions with employers, have a great meal, and learn how to represent yourself at the table.

This event is free for Penn State students.

Networking & Professional Etiquette Dinner
Tuesday, February 4
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Information Sessions

Companies schedule time on campus prior to Spring Career Days to meet and greet potential candidates. These information sessions are a great way to learn about a company, meet recruiters in a less formal and more personable way, and make a great first impression.

Make the Most of Info Sessions

  • Research the organization before you go
    Understand what they do, what openings they have available, and any new products or initiatives.

  • Prepare some questions
    This is great chance to ask recruiters questions about company culture and unique things they're proud of. Keep notes and reference them when you connect at Spring Career Days to show your interest.

  • Use it as a networking opportunity
    Talk with the recruiters and learn how they got started at that company. What do they suggest as a great way to get experience? What are the key characteristics and skills they look for in candidates? What advice do they have for an undergraduate student who is just getting started?

College-Specific Networking Events

Colleges often host networking events during the week of Spring Career Days. These are great ways to meet in a smaller setting and find employers who are aligned with your potential career goals.

Volunteer at Spring Career Days

Pay it forward by volunteering.

Hundreds of students help make Spring Career Days possible each year. Even if you're not ready to attend as an opportunity-seeker, you can still get involved. See how the fair runs, assist and network with employers, and support the fair's success to keep companies coming back to campus.

“ Networking is more important than being knowledgeable ”
Evan, Senior