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Create a Plan

Searching for employment as an international student can take extra effort. With time and dedication you can find a career opportunity that allows you to use your Penn State education.

Meet with a career counselor to create an internship or job search plan. Creating a process will keep you organized and make sure you are being most effective with time, effort, and resources.

Understand your Eligibility

It is important that you understand your status and the circumstances in which you can apply for work authorization. Make sure to maintain up-to-date information about your employment eligibility.

Understand Your Rights

Start the Job Search Early

Be active in your job search and start early by gaining experience. This is key in making you a competitive candidate.

Target your Search

Not all organizations are able or willing to hire international students. Target your job search to find those willing to work with you.

  • Know that some organizations are unable to hire international students. Most government agencies or organizations that receive U.S. government contracts may face limits their ability to hire international student candidates.

  • Meet with a career counselor to help identify organizations and have your resume and materials reviewed.

Industry and Company Guides

  • GoinGlobal
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Job Boards

Advocate and Educate

Some organizations may be unfamiliar with hiring an international student. Be your own advocate and educate employers with accurate information.

  • Always be honest and up-front about your status. Be prepared to explain what that means for you and your employer if they choose to hire you.

  • When asked, always include complete and accurate visa information.

  • Depending on your status consider including 'US Permanent Resident' on your visa status.

  • Educate employers on the process of hiring and what they may need to research. Become familiar with resources that you can also share with potential employers.

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