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Dress for Success

Nothing says that you're ready for a new position like a great professional look. Consider the company culture and position you are applying for when making professional dress decisions.

Wear a pant or skirt suit with a dress shirt or blouse. Coordinate your tie and shoes with the outfit and make sure to pair with dress socks or stockings.

Usually dress pants or a skirt with a collared shirt. Khakis or neutral colored pants with a polo, sweater, or blouse always look great. Shoes can be more casual.

Make sure to iron your outfit when needed. Keep strong scents to a minimum and make sure to rock a smile and a confident handshake.

Your outfit can be a great way to express yourself and your culture. When in doubt, be a tad more conservative but never shy away from the chance to show who you are.

62% of recruiters say that dressing too casually will negatively impact their hiring decision.
2017 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report

Rules to Live By

Dressing for the workplace or an interview can be easy if you follow some standard rules.

  • Consider company culture
    Depending on the company and culture, you may be expected to dress differently at your workplace. When starting a new position play it safe with something more professional. See how others dress at work, ask your HR representative what is acceptable attire, and go with what seems natural to you.

  • Start in neutral
    Start with a neutral color base. Use basics like black, navy, gray, brown, and white to build a base wardrobe. Mix in colors and patterns to give yourself a variety of options while keeping key elements professional and interchangeable.

  • Make it fit
    A poor fit can throw off an entire professional look. Invest in something fit for you or visit a local tailor to have items adjusted to best suit you. A good fit will make you more confident!

  • Test it out
    Everyone looks their best when they are comfortable and relaxed. Wear your interview or work outfit around to make sure it works for you and is comfy. Make sure your shoes are broken in.

the Professional Attire Closet

Need a suit?

We know that a great suit can be a professional game changer. Be confident in your look and find a suit to wear at the Professional Attire Closet.

  • Suits are cleaned by Balfurd Dry Cleaners so you'll be ready to go when you walk out the door.
  • Bring your student ID to access the closet.
  • Limit of one outfit per student.

Learn about the closet and how to schedule an appointment now.


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