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Serving Food

When planning programs and other events where food may be served on campus, student organizations must request approval to do so. Approval to conduct these activities must be obtained in advance through the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Development (CSED) office two weeks prior to the event. Food can only be brought to the facilities to serve in accordance with University Policy AD26.


Because of the ongoing concern regarding the safe and proper handling of food products, food served at events will be limited to:

  • Products prepared by a commercial or University food service
  • Products that are prepackaged
  • Home-prepared foods may be served only if it is a closed meeting (ie. not serving members outside of the group/organization)

Internal Food Services Provider

At University Park, student organizations can contact Auxiliary Business Services to provide on-campus catering support. Auxiliary Business Services will work with each student group to determine the most effective way to coordinate an activity where food is being served. Individual recipes will be considered, and students will be able to assist in the preparation and serving of the food.

External Food Services Provider

If the preparation and serving of food are not done by University food service departments, the University will require adequate insurance from the contracted provider. The Risk Management Office has established insurance standards and is to be contacted in advance of the function so they may determine if the contracted provider meets all requirements.

NOTE: Risk Management maintains a current listing of all approved caterers that might provide services to the University at any location.

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Serving Food
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