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Involvement Fair

The Involvement Fair is one of the best opportunities to get involved in campus life at Penn State. Student Organizations set up displays and have members on site talk to visitors one on one about what their organization does on campus. Involvement in co-curricular experiences is one of the most important parts of having a successful college career! You will make friends, learn all about Penn State, and develop invaluable skills you will use in life beyond Penn State. There are over 1,000 student organizations to choose from. Wondering where to start? Start at the Involvement Fair!

Spring 2023 Involvement Fair

Wednesday, January 11th
Alumni & Heritage Halls, HUB
11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

January 11th Participants (listed by Interest/Category):
Organization Name Table Room Category
Beekeepers Club at Penn State 25 Alumni Agriculture & Environment
Small And Exotic Animal Club 26 Alumni Agriculture & Environment
Student Farm Club 27 Alumni Agriculture & Environment
Wildlife Society 28 Alumni Agriculture & Environment
Advertising and Public Relations Club 29 Alumni Business & Management
Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship Society 30 Alumni Business & Management
Hult Prize at Pennsylvania State University 31 Alumni Business & Management
International Business Association 32 Alumni Business & Management
Investment Association at Penn State 33 Alumni Business & Management
Professional Management Association 34 Alumni Business & Management
Real Estate Association 35 Alumni Business & Management
Recreation, Park and Tourism Management Student Society 36 Alumni Business & Management
Society for Human Resources Management, Penn State Chapter 37 Alumni Business & Management
Startup at Penn State 38 Alumni Business & Management
Women In Business 39 Alumni Business & Management
Club Crew 40 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Club Cross Country 41 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Club ESports 42 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Club Golf 43 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Club Kendo 44 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Club Quidditch 45 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Club Roller Hockey 46 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Club Triathlon 47 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Paintball Club 48 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Rifle Club 49 Alumni Club Sport Teams
Creative Writing Club 50 Alumni Content Creation & Media
Digital Media Group 51 Alumni Content Creation & Media
Ed2010 52 Alumni Content Creation & Media
Her Campus at Penn State 53 Alumni Content Creation & Media
Kalliope 54 Alumni Content Creation & Media
Penn State Network Television 55 Alumni Content Creation & Media
Phroth 56 Alumni Content Creation & Media
Underground 57 Alumni Content Creation & Media
Collegian Street Team 58 Alumni Content Creation & Media
Graduate and Professional Student Association 59 Alumni Councils, Governments, & Programming
University Park Undergraduate Association 60 Alumni Councils, Governments, & Programming
Access Club at Penn State 61 Alumni Culture & Community
African Students Association 62 Alumni Culture & Community
Assistance in Transition at University Park 63 Alumni Culture & Community
Association of Latino Professionals for America 64 Alumni Culture & Community
Bellisario Alliance for Multicultural Students 65 Alumni Culture & Community
Empowering Women in Law 66 Alumni Culture & Community
Hindu YUVA at Penn State 67 Alumni Culture & Community
Hong Kong Student Association 68 Alumni Culture & Community
Indian Culture and Language Club 69 Alumni Culture & Community
Indonesian Student Association 70 Alumni Culture & Community
Italian Student Society 71 Alumni Culture & Community
Language and Linguistics Club 72 Alumni Culture & Community
Minorities in EMS 73 Alumni Culture & Community
Minorities In Sports Next: Penn State Chapter 74 Alumni Culture & Community
Puerto Rican Student Association 75 Alumni Culture & Community
Sign Language Organization 76 Alumni Culture & Community
Tea Society at Penn State 77 Alumni Culture & Community
Multicultural Education Student Association 78 Alumni Culture & Community
Korean Student Association 79 Alumni Culture & Community
Sher Bhangra 80 Alumni Dance
Tapestry Dance Company 81 Alumni Dance
Urban Dance Troupe 82 Alumni Dance
American Institute of Chemical Engineers 83 Alumni Engineering & Technology
American Society of Civil Engineers 84 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter PSU, Undergraduate Student Association 85 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Engineers for a Sustainable World 86 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers 87 Alumni Engineering & Technology
National Society of Black Engineers 88 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Nittany AI Student Society 89 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Society of Automotive Engineers 90 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Society of Petroleum Engineers 91 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Student Society of Architectural Engineers 92 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Theme Park Engineering Group 93 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Developmer Student Club 94 Alumni Engineering & Technology
Alpha Chi Rho 95 Alumni Fraternities
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. 96 Alumni Fraternities
Phi Kappa Tau 97 Alumni Fraternities
Theta Chi 98 Alumni Fraternities
Zeta Psi 99 Alumni Fraternities
Crossfit Club at PSU 106 Alumni Games & Recreation
Dungeons and Dragons at PSU 107 Alumni Games & Recreation
Girl Gains 108 Alumni Games & Recreation
Nittany Grotto Caving Club 109 Alumni Games & Recreation
Non-Profit Poker Club 110 Alumni Games & Recreation
Outing Club at Penn State 111 Alumni Games & Recreation
Quiz Bowl 112 Alumni Games & Recreation
Squash 113 Alumni Games & Recreation
Nittany Divers SCUBA Club 114 Alumni Games & Recreation
JGrads 115 Alumni Graduate Student Orgs - Community
Emergency Medical Services Association 116 Alumni Healthcare Professions
Equine Research Team 117 Alumni Healthcare Professions
Health Policy and Administration Club 118 Alumni Healthcare Professions
Minority Association of Pre-Medical/Health Students 119 Alumni Healthcare Professions
Multicultural Student Nursing Association 120 Alumni Healthcare Professions
Phi Epsilon Kappa 121 Alumni Healthcare Professions
Pre-Vet Club 122 Alumni Healthcare Professions
Remote Area Medical 123 Alumni Healthcare Professions
Biological Honor Society 124 Alumni Honor Societies
Lambda Alpha 125 Alumni Honor Societies
Psi Chi - the International Honor Society in Psychology 126 Alumni Honor Societies
Students Teaching Students 127 Alumni Humanities
Army Rotc 128 Alumni Military
Veteran's Organization 129 Alumni Military
Art of Nursing 130 Alumni Music, Visual, & Performing Arts
Blue in the Face 131 Alumni Music, Visual, & Performing Arts
Harmony 132 Alumni Music, Visual, & Performing Arts
Opulence: Drag Ambassadors at Penn State 133 Alumni Music, Visual, & Performing Arts
Pennharmonics 134 Alumni Music, Visual, & Performing Arts
PSUkulele Club 135 Alumni Music, Visual, & Performing Arts
Sculpture Club 136 Alumni Music, Visual, & Performing Arts
Upward Players 137 Alumni Music, Visual, & Performing Arts
Student Film Organization 138 Alumni Music, Visual, & Performing Arts
Axis 139 Alumni Philanthropic
DASH 140 Alumni Philanthropic
Gamers for Charity 141 Alumni Philanthropic
HEAL: Help Every Angel Live 142 Alumni Philanthropic
Operation Smile 143 Alumni Philanthropic
Philanthropic Fantasy Sports 144 Alumni Philanthropic
Student Pad Project at Penn State 145 Alumni Philanthropic
Visual Impairment Cure Engagement Group 146 Alumni Philanthropic
United Nations Children's Fund at Penn State 147 Alumni Philanthropic
College Democrats 148 Alumni Political Interest & Activism
Hope Here, Hope Now 149 Alumni Political Interest & Activism
League of Women Voters at PSU 150 Alumni Political Interest & Activism
Lions for Liberty Student Chapter 151 Alumni Political Interest & Activism
Planned Parenthood Generation Action at PSU 152 Alumni Political Interest & Activism
United Socialists at Penn State University 153 Alumni Political Interest & Activism
Vaccinate America 154 Alumni Political Interest & Activism
Bethune Society 155 Alumni Religion & Spirituality
Campus Ministry International 156 Alumni Religion & Spirituality
Cedar Heights Church RSO 157 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
Chabad 158 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
Elohim Bible Study Club 159 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
Episcopal at Penn State 160 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
Hillel 161 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
InnerVision Circle 162 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
Newman Catholic Student Association 163 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
Storehouse 164 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
Vedic Society 165 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
Well Student Fellowship of Penn State 166 Heritage Religion & Spirituality
Arts and Architecture House 167 Heritage Residence Hall Living Learning Community
Eberly College of Science Student Council 169 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Ethics in Science and Medicine 171 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Math Club 173 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Meat Science Club at Penn State 175 Heritage Science & Mathematics
National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers 177 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Nexus (Network for Excellence in Undergraduate Science) 179 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics 181 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Robo X 183 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Science Lionpride 185 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Scientific Journal Club at Penn State 187 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Student Chapter of the Electrochemical Society at Penn State 189 Heritage Science & Mathematics
Alpha Phi Omega 191 Heritage Service & Changemaking
Black Male Leadership Symposium 193 Heritage Service & Changemaking
Circle K 195 Heritage Service & Changemaking
Days for Girls at Penn State 197 Heritage Service & Changemaking
DMAX Club at Penn State 199 Heritage Service & Changemaking
Global Medical Brigades 201 Heritage Service & Changemaking
Music Service Club 203 Heritage Service & Changemaking
Student's Restorative Justice Initiative 205 Heritage Service & Changemaking
Students for Cultivating Change 207 Heritage Service & Changemaking
Sunny State 209 Heritage Service & Changemaking
alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. 100 Alumni Sororities
Alpha Phi 101 Alumni Sororities
Sigma Alpha 102 Alumni Sororities
Sigma Omicron Pi 103 Alumni Sororities
Omega Phi Alpha 104 Alumni Sororities
Sigma Lamda Gamma 105 Alumni Sororities
Animation Club at Penn State 211 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Anime Organization 213 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Coffee Club 215 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Fashion Society at Penn State 217 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Panzemonium 219 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Photography Club 221 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Pop Culture Club 223 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Sports Watch Party 225 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Star Wars Club 227 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Three Broomsticks 229 Heritage Special Interest & Fan Clubs
Homecoming 7 Alumni University Affiliate
It's On Us at Penn State 9 Alumni University Affiliate
Lion Caucus 11 Alumni University Affiliate
Student Philanthropy Network 17 Alumni University Affiliate
Student Programming Association (SPA) 19 Alumni University Affiliate
The Lion's Pantry 21 Alumni University Affiliate
University Park Allocation Committee 23 Alumni University Affiliate
Arts & Crafts Center 1 Alumni University Departments
Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity 3 Alumni University Departments
Happy Valley LaunchBox 5 Alumni University Departments
Student Engagement Network 13 Alumni University Departments
Student Orientation and Transition Programs (Welcome Week) 15 Alumni University Departments

Didn't find what you were looking for?  That's okay!  We have over 1000 active organizations at Penn State!  You can begin your search today at OrgCentral!  Visit and take a look!

Questions about the fair?  Email us at or stop by Student Leadership & Involvement in HUB 103!

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