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Know your BAC

If you choose to drink, you should be aware of your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). BAC is a measurement of alcohol in your body based on weight, the total number of drinks consumed, and the time in which they were consumed.

Plan Ahead

Estimate the length of time you will be drinking and figure out how many drinks you can safely have per hour. Some safer-drinking strategies include:

  • Set a limit for the night. Keep your bottle caps or move coins from one pocket to the other to track the number of drinks you consume.
  • Keep your stomach full. 
  • Make your own drinks and use less alcohol when mixing.
  • Alternate between alcohol and water (or another alcohol-free drink).
  • Keep it to one drink per hour. The liver can only break down alcohol at a rate of about one drink per hour. This is true for everyone. When you consume more than one drink per hour you risk damaging your liver.

Stay in the Blue

Make it a goal to keep your BAC in the blue zone (.06 and below). At this level, individuals report feeling more relaxed, talkative and slightly euphoric, but are still largely in control of their reasoning and actions. 

Use the charts below to estimate your BAC using our body weight.