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Is my policy effective throughout the academic school year?

The Penn State SHIP Answer:

Yes, the Penn State SHIP is effective August 13, 2018 - August 12, 2019.

Does my policy offer in-network providers on or near the campus I attend?

The Penn State SHIP Answer:

The Penn State SHIP, underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources, offers a national network of health care providers including clinicians at University Health Services-University Park, and other campus locations. 

What is my deductible and out-of-pocket costs?

The Penn State SHIP Answer:

$250 deductible
$10 office visit copay
10% coinsurance
$1,300 out-of-pocket maximum (in network)

Does my policy offer prescription drug coverage?

The Penn State SHIP Answer:

The Penn State SHIP offers $0 copay at University Health Services Pharmacy and $10/$30/$60 copay at other in-network pharmacies.

Does my policy have coverage for emergencies and non-emergency services such as diagnostic x-ray and lab, physical therapy, urgent care visits, ambulance services, and preventative vaccines?

The Penn State SHIP Answer:

The Penn State SHIP provides protection for both emergency and non-emergency medical services (see deductible and out-of-pocket fees). In addition,  preventative vaccines are covered per federal health care guidelines.

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