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In the event of a health emergency, call 911 or go directly to Mount Nittany Medical Center.
Mount Nittany Medical Center

University Ambulance Service

The University Ambulance Service responds to medical emergencies on the University Park campus and within the local community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and staffed by well-trained, certified student emergency medical technicians, volunteers, and emergency response professionals.

Each year, University Ambulance Service responds to approximately 1,500 ambulance calls. Although students are our main focus, we routinely respond to requests from employees, visitors, and event and conference attendees.

The University Ambulance Service also provides Advanced Life Support level services at special events under the direction of an emergency physician from the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Our department also offers numerous training programs for students interested in becoming certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), such as the EMT Training Course, KINES 403. 

Location and Hours

Emergency Medical Services staff offices are located on the first floor of the Student Health Center at University Park.

University Ambulance Service responds to calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exception of the annual December University closure.


All ambulance, hospital, emergency room, and inpatient fees are the patient's responsibility.

There is a charge for ambulance services; patients will be asked to sign an insurance authorization for billing at the time of assessment/treatment. The University Ambulance Service participates only with Medicare/Pennsylvania Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and TRICARE. The ambulance service is out of network for all commercial insurance plans; patients are responsible for the charges in full and your insurance company may reimburse some or all of the charges based on your plan’s benefits.

Students who decline transport to the hospital will still be billed for their treatment and/or assessment.

Student volunteer Training Program

The volunteer program is the avenue through which the University Ambulance Service trains its EMTs in the policies and procedures specific to this company and assures that each member is competent and comfortable in patient-care before promoting them to paid crew status. Once promoted to the crew, the students have a responsibility to help train the volunteers that come after them. It is the expectation of the University Ambulance Service that every volunteer will be promoted to a paid crew member within two semesters. Both clinical skills and service-specific procedures and policies are taught during this program. You will be an active participant on emergency calls, handling patient care responsibilities under the supervision of more experienced staff.

University Ambulance Service provides 911 emergency response to all of Penn State in Centre County. They provide emergency medical service coverage at all events, ranging from small dinners to football and major concerts at the Bryce Jordan Center.  The service is run by 3 full-time staff paramedics and the day-to-day operations are handled by full-time staff. Nearly all shifts are covered by student staff.


  • Penn State University Park student in good academic standing
  • 4+ Semesters remaining at Penn State (not including summers)
  • 18 years or older
  • Possess a valid driver’s/operator's license
  • Hold a current PA Department of Health EMT certification or higher without pending disciplinary or corrective action
  • Successfully completed a CPR for the Health Care Provider course within the past year


To apply, you must fill out this application. In your application, you must include a scanned image of:

  • CPR Cards
  • Valid Drivers License
  • PA EMT Card
  • Any additional certifications (i.e. EVOC, NIMS)

If you do not do include this information you will not be granted an interview. If you are granted an interview, you will be contacted via email prior to the interview process.


If selected, orientation will be scheduled based on the availability of those selected. This is approximately six hours and will be completed with one of our administrators.

EMT Training Opportunities at Penn State

The following courses are available to individuals interested in gaining emergency medical training experience at Penn State. Please contact the EMS Education Office at 814-863-0434 or 814-865-1772 for additional information or email

Details for each course, including up-to-date scheduling information, can be found on LionPATHPlease Note: Programs and classes are not offered every semester or year. Please check LionPATH for a complete schedule of available courses.

  • KINES 304 – First Aid: Instructor
  • KINES 403 – Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)
  • KINES 404 – Emergency Medical Technology Instructor
KINES 403: EMT Training Course Information

Kinesiology 403: EMT Training Course

Kinesiology 403 is a 4-credit course that thoroughly prepares students at the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic level using both a classroom and lab setting. This course will prepare the student to become a functioning EMT and challenge them to use the acquired skills to respond to emergency situations. Upon completion of the course, students will be effectively prepared for successful completion of the PA Department of Health and National Registry examinations.


Meet twice a week to learn the ins and outs of the human body as well as how to properly manage life-threatening situations in a pre-hospital setting.


Meets one night per week. Using actual equipment you are placed in real-life scenarios created by EMS personnel of different levels allowing you to gain hands-on experience from the start.


CPR and EMT certifications Multiple opportunities to ride along with surrounding EMS services Potential to join any of the surrounding EMS services.

Application Process

To apply for the course, please fill out this application. There is no deadline for the application, but you must fill it out at least one semester in advance in order to be considered.

General Schedule

The following is the general schedule format for KINES 403:

  • The lecture is Monday/Wednesday from 2:30 p.m.-4:45 p.m.
  • The lab is Wednesday from 5:45 p.m.- 10:15 p.m. and is located at the EMS Room at Beaver Stadium
    • The first Wednesday is lab orientation
    • The second Wednesday is CPR training
  • There will be an occasional Saturday lab to cover special topics such as vehicle extrication
  • A detailed class schedule will be released to the class through Canvas
  • KINES 303 is NOT a prerequisite for this course

Other Relevant Courses

We also offer courses to further your Emergency Medical Services education:

  • ITLS
  • EVOC
  • Field Practicum
  • EMS instructor and many more

Questions? Contact the EMS Instructor, Josh Fremburg at 814-863-0434 or

Certification Exam Resources

Pennsylvania Department of Health EMT-Basic Practical Certification Examinations

  • Proctor: Scott Reiner
  • Dates: Contact Seven Mountains EMS Council at 814-355-1474 or visit
  • Enrollment: Penn State pre-registration required
  • Prerequisite: Contact Seven Mountains EMS Council at 814-355-1474 or visit

Pennsylvania Department of Health Written Certification Examinations

  • Proctor: Scott Reiner
  • Dates: Contact Seven Mountains EMS Council at 814-355-1474 or visit
  • Enrollment: open
  • Prerequisite: Contact Seven Mountains EMS Council at 814-355-1474 or

National Registry EMT - Basic Written Examination

Non-credit Continuing Education Course Notice

To more efficiently disseminate information and reduce the burden of course announcements, courses offered through Penn State University available for Department of Health (DOH) Continuing Education (CE) credits will no longer be faxed and mailed out to all interested individuals or entities. The DOH has a website specifically targeted to EMS personnel and entities; for more information visit

We encourage every certified provider to register on this site to access its resources. Should you wish to search for only programs offered through Penn State, our Sponsor Number is 200007. This number can be entered after selecting "More Search Criteria." After your search has produced its results additional information may be obtained by clicking the highlighted "Continuing Education Class Number (Con Ed Class #)." Questions or problems with the site, registration, or information contained therein should be directed to your regional EMS council.

We will continue to target specific populations with an interest in specific programming unless they request to opt out. For example: EVOC programs will continue to be advertised to local public safety entities as it is both a DOH CE program and also specifically applies to the non-medical emergency response community; not all personnel have access to DOH resources.

Another useful online resource available to Pennsylvania EMS providers, free of charge, is the Learning Management System (LMS). Please contact your regional EMS council to be added to this resource that, among other items, will allow you to take online CME programs for recertification.

You may want to visit the DOH website as there is an abundance of Pennsylvania-specific health-related information available. Specifically, the EMS Office’s website offers links to the LMS, new BLS Protocols, EMS Information Bulletins, your regional councils, and more.